Why is my website loading so slow and how can I fix it?

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Hey guys i'm finding that my website is loading quite slow, is there anything I can do to speed it up that can be seen straight off the bat? It can take like 7 seconds to load which is bad.




Many thanks in advance!

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Hi @Anonymous,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! I'm happy to provide some assistance with improving the shops speed score, to ensure this gets resolved. 


To gather a bit more information, are you able to share what theme you're currently using? Typically, there are 4 main reasons customers will experience slow loading times including: 


  • Too many apps trying to load at one time: The more apps that are running at once, the longer the loading times will be. Determine if you really need all those apps and If you're not using them at all, then you should remove them. I know you mentioned you've recently added some new features, are these with the help of apps? 
  • Theme customizations: When you edit or customize themes, file sizes can increase and affect your store speed. If you have a heavily customized theme, this may be something to take into consideration. 
  •  Image sizes: The larger the image size and the more videos and slideshows you display, the longer it will take to load. We also have a great blog article with 10 Must Know Image Optimization Tips
  • The end-user/customer browser, device, and internet connection: This is something you won't have control over of course, but it is good to keep in mind. 


Additionally, I recommend checking out our Improving Your Online Speed Score document as it touches on a few more tips and suggestions. If you are using a Free Shopify Theme, we may be able to investigate further to provide basic performance improvements. You can learn more about the support available, in our Support For Themes document. 


You may also consider hiring a Shopify Expert. They are trusted third-party agencies and freelancers that work to help improve your business! To learn more, you can check out our Expert Marketplace


Please let me know if there's anything else I can assist with. 

Blair | Shopify 
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Hi @Anonymous 

Welcome to Shopify Community !

I am Anni From MS Web Designer. I helped 1000+ Shopify Store owners to Optimize their website loading speed for both mobile and desktop and increase their conversion rate.

Here are some proven steps that will improve your website speed dramatically for both mobile and desktop.

  • Select a light Weight Shopify Theme ( OS 2.0 Compatible
  • Remove all Unwanted Shopify App ( That you have installed, but not using)
  • Minify Javascript, CSS 
  • Reduce the Large Image Size
  • Eliminating the halting problem in Javascript
  • Apply Lazy loading per section wherever required
  • Replace Gifs with the Static Images
  • Resize Products images using Shopify App ( for Bulk )
  • Check Page Speed by Google page Insight and GTmetrix.

By fixing these issues, your website speed score can definitely improve
If you want a Free complete Website Optimization Audit Report ( All the Actionable steps for your store ), let me know. 


If you have any concerns feel free to ask me!

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Useful Resources for Speed Optimization :
10 Proven Steps that will Improve your Shopify Website Speed

How to Maintain Shopify Speed Post Optimization: A Quick Guidelinehttps://blog.mswebdesigner.com/how-to-maintain-shopify-speed-post-optimization-a-quick-guideline/

Best wishes.



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Hi @Anonymous,


I’m Richard Nguyen - CRO Expert at PageFly.


Here is the score of your website when checking with PageSpeed Insights


Based on the detailed report detected by PSI, I’d like to give you some suggestions as hereby:

  • Optimize theme & app codes: There are a lot of minor yet redundant JS codes from theme and apps that need to be deferred or reduced
  • Some Javascripts should be minified as well
  • Minimize their sizes of images before uploading and thus reduce the loading time
  • Reduce the number of products on a page


That being said, you can check this guide for more details on how to optimize and boost the page speed.


In case you wanna redesign your homepage, check this template out - http://www.pagef.ly/dwgd


And that's my feedback. Hope it's helpful to you 😊




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Hello @Anonymous,


Gina here from flareAI.

A slow-loading website can reduce your conversions and profits. A fast-loading website is essential to welcome massive traffic to the website. In the case of eCommerce stores, speed and page loading time play a pivotal role in the success and growth of businesses.


I'm happy to give you some tips that help you significantly speed up your Shopify store.

1. Identify the lines of code that are slowing down pages in your online store
Run the Shopify Theme Inspector for Chrome to get the lines that slow down the store.
2. Optimize images in your store.
When you optimize images for the web, you're reducing page load time and increasing site speed. Image compression is essential and a necessity for faster loading of web pages. Make sure your images are of good quality and do not add too many images on a single page. You can try some tools like https://tinyjpg.com/.
3. Removing unused app code is a best practice that avoids running code for unused features and makes your theme code easier to read.
4. Use a theme that is optimized for performance
Make sure to use a responsive, fast theme, and takes minimal time to load the page. If you choose a theme with numerous sliders, fancy animations, advanced navigation systems, etc., will affect your page speed. If your theme is loading slowly, consider disabling the theme features you don't need.
5. Disable theme features you don't use
Themes contain CSS, JS, and HTML which can increase and affect your store speed. So disable theme features you don't use.
6. Loading extra data your customers aren't using can impact your store speed without adding value.
7. Using slideshow, which are high-quality images combined with transitions, takes time to load when the user clicks the link to the homepage. So instead you can use a single high-quality hero image.
8. Use a System font which is a font that is already installed on most computers.
For example Segoe UI, Times New Roman. If you use a font that does not yet exist on your customer's computer, then the font has to be downloaded before your text can be displayed. This impacts the time that your store takes to load.
9. Replace GIFs with static images
10. To reduce the initial load time, you can use Lazyload technique
11. Remove third-party JS scripts and Shopify App which you are no longer using
You should disable app features you don't use, or you can remove the app if you don't need it. If you are removing an app make sure to remove the code that was added as part of the app install process.
12. Minimize HTTP requests. For example: Combine & inline your CSS scripts
13. Avoid unnecessary redirects and fix broken links
14. Use minified CSS and JS files
15. Don't add too many images on a page
Adding too many images on a page can be frustrating. It can significantly slow the load time of your website. Also, it can overwhelm visitors, which will ultimately result in a poor user experience, a high bounce rate, and a high probability of lower rankings in relative search results.

I hope the above list’s tips will help you decrease the load on your web pages and increase the Shopify website speed.


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