Why isn't my online store's score updating despite website optimizations?

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I have done all possible things to speed up website like

Defer images

Reduce javascript

Reduce Element rendering block 


But the issue having in Main thread and Properly size images . I have added lazyload jquery and add class in image tag from here https://carlofontanos.com/how-to-use-lazyload-js/


But its not work. What is other solution to speed up score. Also score is not updated in online store . Score is 8 from last few days, its not updated even i have changed lots of things, why this happens ? Please anyone let me know 



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Hi @Krishna12 

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The speed score on Shopify is calculated by Google Lighthouse, so I think you might need to re-index your pages to ensure Google crawls your page and recognizes the changes you’ve made.

You can go to Google search console to reindex your pages https://search.google.com/search-console/about


I can see the main issue lies on the image size as well. You can consider reduce the size of the images a bit, especial the images on the slideshow. Or run through an image optimizer tool like https://tinypng.com/ (if you haven't done it yet)

We have a detailed guide about page speed optimization here https://pagefly.link/xQKRAfpQ , hope it also helps.


I hope the suggestions will help you solve the problem. If you think they do help, please let me know by giving it a Like. Thank you and wish you the best of luck 😉

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Can we not add lazy load in images through code or app ? Because Tinypng kind of tools will take more time optimize all images ?

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The speed score shown on Shopify is actually an average of 7 days, and there are several factors that influence this score such as the speed of different pages on your site, the traffic and bounce rate, etc. 

Please find the attachment to get a clear idea about the Shopify speed score.


Please let me know if this helped.

If you need any help with your store speed, please feel free to drop me a message.


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Hello @Krishna12,


Hope you are doing well.


FYI, Shopify does not update the speed score instantly, it might take some time to update.

In the meanwhile, you can try other websites to check your store page speed or either use google page insight or GTmetrix:-




Based on your query we have checked your page speed and it seems that there are certain critical parameters on which you need to work to resolve this issue.


The list of critical parameters where you need to work to improve your page speed is:

  1. Properly sized images 
  2. Remove and reduce unused javascript and CSS 
  3. Eliminate render-blocking resources
  4. Avoid excessive DOM sizes


Refer to the below image.



Note - You are advised to follow the above guidelines if you are convenient at handling the liquid code or Shopify theme. You can get in touch with our expert team to help you optimize your store.


All the best, 


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Yes i can understand mentioned above issues,

but how can we resolve Properly sized images issues without using any tool . because tinypng tool is now difficult to optimize one by one. 


And which one is best to check score in shopify website. because both scores are very different


1) https://web.dev/measure/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.atoddlerthing.com

2) https://pagespeed.web.dev/report?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.atoddlerthing.com%2F&form_factor=desktop

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please share the store URL.. 

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Score is increased now but its not similar with page speed test

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Hi there,
After checking, your speed performance is only 8 to 11 points, which is pretty slow
Speed score: https://prnt.sc/geTLIGUcQDwa
Properly sized images and Reducing unused JavaScript are 2 main problems that affect your speed performance. And Shopify will update your speed score within 48 hours after optimization

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