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I've launched my first site 1 month ago downloaded many apps for marketing used influencers and fb ads and targeted them right I had upto 13 add to carts I've driven more than 1000+ customer to my products no one passed even to the check out. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME AM RUNNING OUT OF MONEY is it the products saturated/bad or my website is bad please help!

My Site: Furryfiestafamily.com 

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Hey there, @Karim123!  

That is a frustrating place to be, and I’m sorry. Let’s see what we can do to get you back on track.

If there’s an elephant in the room, it’s your first impression. This is what sets the stage for the rest of your customers’ experiences.

When I first came to your website, I was bombarded with popups for cookies, chat, newsletter subscription, and a last purchase popup that tells me someone has purchased something (but is covered up your rewards)

This is way too much. When someone lands on your site, they have no idea what you sell. Before they even get that first glance at your products, they are hit with one popup after another. 

Think about it - 

  • Cookies: Great. I love to see someone take GDPR/CCPA seriously.
  • Chat: Why is this necessary? If someone wants to contact you, they can. Preemptively targeting them without letting them even experience your site is too much.
  • Discount & newsletter: Again, it’s too soon. I would have this launch once someone has actively engaged with a product rather than the moment they arrive. Also, update the grammar and add more value. It should be 10% off rather than 10.00%. It’s triggering on every single page, which means if I were the average customers, I would be turned off by it immediately. 

Now, let’s talk about the easy fixes:

  • Announcement bar: Link it to your All Products Page
  • Rewards and last purchase popup: These two are in the same place on your website, and they aren’t necessary. No one is going to buy because of either one. It’s more of a distraction than a help
  • Why all the icons in your header? I would suggest doing A/B testing to evaluate if you have too many icons that are confusing visitors. 
  • Update the product names. You’re promoting the “Cat Warm Bed With Pillow” on Facebook, but is there a better name for it? 

On to your website

Tackle the main navigation
I’m a big stickler for functional navigation. Too many websites have navigation bars that just don’t work. In your case, you need to expand some areas (Shopping) and limit other areas (like Shipping & Track Order).

This is where collections really come into play. I would suggest Home | Shop all | For Dogs | For Cats | Contact us.

Use a heatmap, which shows you where people are clicking, to evaluate your main navigation now and then continue to evaluate it. 

Follow the customer journey
Because you have several add to carts but no conversions, something is happening. Instead of guessing, it’s time to turn to the experts themselves - your customers. Use a session recording, which captures everything someone did on your site, to investigate what’s happening.

This is also where a better live chat option comes into play. If you have the ability to set up chat invites, which let YOU set up the triggers to launch an invite, you’ll be able to connect with visitors and customers at the right time. 

I am not a fan that Add to Cart sends you into the cart itself. You’re forcing someone to checkout when they may not be ready. In addition, your cart is PACKED with too much information. 

  • Make your discount code collapsible 
  • Move the “How did your hear about us” to your post-purchase emails 
  • Eliminate the “you may also like…” addition. If you weren’t careful, you would be confused that it was already added to the cart. It also isn’t clear how to add it to your cart if you wanted to. 
  • Take off the “Add # more items to unlock #% off” - your customers know that 5% isn’t much. 
  • The checkbox for the Terms and Service isn’t working. I can get to the checkout without checking it. That may be an issue from both a “I don’t want to agree to something” side and a it’s-not-working side. if someone clicked to check out and was given an alert that they didn’t click the Terms and Service, they may have just given up and moved without realizing that it led to the checkout page.

Eliminate the gimmicks

I know you’ve probably read 100 or so posts, tips and advice on ways to improve conversions. However, I’m seeing some gimmicks here that aren’t working. All of these are on product pages. 

  • “Sale ends…” countdowns don’t work, especially when it’s obviously fake. For the Cat Warm Bed With Pillow, there are 5,720 minutes left in the deal. It’s not working. It also has the weirdest countdown I’ve ever seen - it counts down by 100 minutes at a time!  
  • Quantity selectors: Why limit how many someone can buy? The only options are 1 and 3, which means if I have two cats, I am out of luck. This is more limiting than it is driving more traffic.
  • The bouncing Add to Cart button: Do some A/B testing. See if YOUR audience prefers it animated or not. 

I understand that it’s hard to see conversions lost without knowing why. That being said, these methods aren’t the option. Instead, find out WHY someone left. I would suggest running a poll to ask, “What stopped you from checking out today?” to learn more. 

Remember your audience

I see that your audience is primarily American, but there are several products that have metric measurements. Update that and add a size guide. 

Optimize your homepage
Again, this is where collections would be helpful. I would highlight collections rather than jumping straight into the products. Use a heatmap to see where people click and how far they scroll. How do they move around the store? Do they use the products featured on your homepage? 

Work on that footer

Eliminate the About Us paragraph and replace it with contact information. Other suggestions:

  • Update the order to Contact Us, Shipping and Delivery, Returns and Refunds, FAQs, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and then Affiliates. 
  • FAQ: Is it really helpful? I would make the FAQ more about your products than your processing. Provide things like care instructions and sizing charts. 
  • Contact us: Link your email address and remove the phone number field. It tends to have a high abandonment rate. 
  • Policy pages: Make them easier to read; the formatting and grammar in some of them make it difficult to read quickly. For example, move the refund request information EARLY in the Returns and Refunds policy rather than at the bottom. Also, 15 days is not a lot of time. You may want to consider extending this to 30 days, even if your customers have no intention of returning it. 

Get rid of the newsletter popup

I have to say it again. It’s popping up on every single page at least once. This is really killing the experience. I'm not saying that this is the reason why no one is checking out, but it is really killing the sales opportunities here. 

The good news is that you have a lot of great opportunities here to really learn why people don’t check out and find ways to bring them back in. With visitor behavior, you can really dive into and diagnose issues facing customers.  Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month. We also have a free plan to help you get started. 

I hope this helps! Good luck!

Cheers - Danny

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Hello @LuckyDanny !

Listen those pop ups I just made today I had no pop ups or countdowns at all at the beginning (when I got 1000+ visitors) its just some customization I've been Putting lately as I was gone crazy and yes I have many apps tracks my customers and REALLY BIG NOTE THEY DON'T EVEN GO TO HOMEPAGE they only scroll through the specific product page only and when I saw them they see some variants of the product then they added to cart (and cart wasn't push them to check out I changed that today) when they add to cart they don't even check out and cart was completely simple has nothing on it literally and then they leave site I have no idea 25 add to cart then they leave Before the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT even.

Marketing, I use 11-15 ADSET DIFFERENT Intreset 3 ads each one so I test with 125$ daily plus I jave influencers so even if am bad at marketing I dont think all those audiences and people with all cat Intresets wasn't targeted well.

So is there anything you can tell me about the product page or the products themselves?

And why does that happen that they don't push it to check out when I had simple cart?

Should I disable that site and make one product store or that store is editable and could convert?

If you tell me through what I said and take an example the cat bed cushion ones as an example why 95% leave 5% ATC and they dont proceeed they dont even check the cart itself!

Is my products old/saturated all that questions coming in my mind before I disable that website to make new one so what you think best solution?


Thanks in advance!