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I started my Shopify website in 2018 and just updated my website and i have had only 1 sale. I recently connected my Facebook page and started posting ads there. I get over 100 visitors a day but no one is buying anything was wanting to get some assistance getting more traffic to my website 

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Hello @jewelrybysable2,

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Can you share your store URL for review?

There could be various reasons why your store is getting visitors from Facebook but not seeing any sales. Some possible causes include:

1. Poor product or store presentation
Make sure that your product photos and descriptions are high-quality and clearly convey the value of your products.
2. Lack of trust signals
Make sure that your store has trust signals such as customer reviews, a clear return policy, and contact information.
3. Poor targeting
Make sure that your Facebook ads are targeted to the right audience.
4. Incorrect pricing
Make sure that your prices are competitive and in line with the value of your products.
5. Poor checkout experience
Make sure that your checkout process is easy to use and secure.

To convert your Facebook ad visitors into customers on your Shopify store, there are a few strategies you can implement:

1. Optimize your ad targeting
Make sure that your ads are reaching the right audience by targeting them based on demographics, interests, and behaviors.
2. Create a sense of urgency
Use limited time offers or exclusive discounts to encourage visitors to take action immediately.
3. Use retargeting ads
Retarget visitors who have viewed your website but did not make a purchase.
4. Make sure your website loads fast and is mobile-friendly
Make sure that your website is optimized for mobile devices and loads quickly, as this can help increase the likelihood that visitors will stay on your site and make a purchase.
5. Use social proof
Include customer reviews, testimonials, and ratings on your website to build trust and credibility with potential customers.
6. Offer a clear and easy checkout process
Make sure that the checkout process is easy to use and secure.
7. Personalize the experience
Use tools like live chat, personalized product recommendations, and abandoned cart email campaigns.
8. Monitor and analyze data
Use analytics tools to track the performance of your ads and website, and use this information to make data-driven decisions about how to optimize your campaigns and improve the user experience.

You should monitor the results of your efforts and make changes accordingly, and consider testing different tactics to see what works best for your specific audience and products.

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Hello, kindly share your website link.

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