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17 year old entrepreneur here

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Hello everyone!!! 

My name is Anis murgic and im a 17 year old who really wants to grow my clothing brand! Ive spent many hours and taken all the feed back you guys have given me to make my website stand out and be perfect! I need some un filterd feed back on my new updated website, what i hope is for you guys to really deep dive in the articles i uploaded and all the extras in there and really see the depth of the webiste and everything i added so you can give me true feedback on how it feels,looks and any problems or mistakes i have put into it. Thanks!!


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@AnisMurgic Nice action from your to have a business like this in your young age I must say it you are amazing youths. Concerning this website you did a great job but it's need some area you need to ammend 

1. Your store logo have tiny word in which the store visitors might not be able to read

2. You should try to change the pop form so that It will look better, I will suggest you use omnisend because of spin to win in order to have more subscribers

3. Try to include currency converter Incase you have other customers in which they are not spending dollar. 

4. Customer support chatbot is not included, you should try to have it so that your customer can get in touch regarding all there orders

5. Try to include social media icon and Integrate your social media link so that your visitor can reach your page

6.lastly to be professional and international you need to remove that powered by Shopify in the footer. It's required technical action though. 


If you think my feedback is awesome kindly reply and let talk about how I can help you.

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Hi @AnisMurgic 

This is PageFly -  Advanced Page Builder with 6 years of experience providing conversion rate optimization solutions to more than 100.000 Shopify stores.

First of all, congratulations on your store. Entrepreneurship at the age of 17 years-old is extremely impressive, we deeply wish you the best in this journey. 

Down below, we'd like to give you some suggestions in our true opinion. Hope you find it helpful. 


In general, your homepage is very well-organized with sticky navigation bar, obvious search button and several animations when mouse over. However, this still kind of lack some spices to make your online store stand out. You might consider:

1. Use bespoke homepage imagery/design 

In a visually-driven industries like Apparel & Accessories, Clothing, etc, the first image is undeniably the most important one. Therefore, we highly recommend you to custom your own design, make it as attractive and unique as possible. Instead of one too-simple, bland model/product photo or relying on stock images.

This might require investing a lot of time and effort, starting from understanding your brand at its core. What is the vibe/spirit you are trying to express to the viewers? Present it right in the first section to make them fall in love at the 1st sight. 

For example: To illustrate the word "organic", give the viewer a sense of green nature. To illustrate the word "essential", try to tell minimalism through neat, high-quality, studio-made visuals. 


2. Prioritize testimonials with images not texts

The best way someone can give you a testimonial is through how they use what you sell. And here, in specific, through how they wear these items. 

You can place all these feedbacks into a "Gallery" and display it on homepage. Or you might consider creating another page exclusively made for customers' reviews.   


3. Avoid duplicating photos with the same "story"

Try to create diversity in the content of the images, even though at the moment you are only selling one product. Just one subtle minor change - for example the context/background, the models or how you mix match your item will definitely give a huge difference in how visitors feel. 


4. Integrate social share buttons 

It seems like your target customer might be youngsters, who love urban, minimal and casual styles. Including social share buttons will increase the chance customers help you spread good words about your brand. 


Wow we have to say you and your team definitely spent hours writing these informative posts. We really love the topic about sustainable fashion, so keep up the good work!

Yet, as we have mentioned above, don't use too many stock images since it might lower your creditability. Moreover, you might also consider writing more about your brand, besides sustainable fashion in general.

  • How does your brand align with sustainable fashion? 
  • How do you guys achieve the result and guarantee? Any proof/evidence? 
  • How to convince consumers that your product is real organic in a world where any merchant could claim the same? 

Give your audience an insightful look into your business. Engage them into the conversations. Start building trust and loyalty. 

In case you want more flexibility to personalize your pages, we'd love to introduce our product PageFly Landing Page Builder with 24/7 support live chat. PageFly has a Free plan where you can use all features and create different page types so I hope give us a try.

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Hello! Thanks for the response, i love the detail you have went into on how
to help my website. The one thing i must say is that every photo on my
website except one on the collection page, are all taken by me and my
freinds. I have no stock photos on there currently. Other than that i will
definantly look into all your updates and inmpliment them soon. Thanks
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Hello @AnisMurgicThis is AiTrillion- an All-in-one Marketing Platform on Shopify. Here are few suggestions that you can work on:

- Make the announcement bar clickable and add a call to action button on it so customers can take an action on it. 

- Add a section of trending and new arrivals products on the homepage. Give product recommendations by personalizing the customer's shopping experience. 

- Product page looks good!

- You need to engage your visitors coming to your site by giving loyalty reward points which will increase repeat purchase and customer lifetime value. You can add a web push notification which will help you to retarget your customers anytime even when they are not in your store. This will help you to run your store smoothly and decrease the bounce rate and will capture your visitors and convert them into prospective or paying customers. You will be able to retain your customers for the long term.

Entice customers by giving them loyalty points on activities like sign up, leaving a review, allowing push notification, visiting a store, on birthdays, and more. This will help you to increase the email and push subscribers. You can then run email and push campaigns to reach your customers on the basis of customer behavior. 


To add the above marketing engagement tools to optimize the conversions of your store there are many apps available in the Shopify app store. Instead of installing multiple apps, you can install the all-in-one Shopify app AiTrillion and get all the benefits of marketing features in a single app to drive conversions.

Hope this helps!

Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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Well done for getting started and good luck!

A couple of comments from me.

It isn't clear which products have reviews and which don't because the contrast is too low, so they all look the same. Why not use a different colour? For example:



Speaking of reviews, why have you hidden them on the product pages? They are behind an accordion menu that doesn't even look like a clickable element, just a list of headings. Reviews are so important, don't hide them! Put them in the wasted block of space that exists under the image:



Also, why is everyone obsessed with making their Add to Cart button invisible? It's your main call to action! Using a contrasting colour to your main theme will make it "pop"

May I suggest #9BA371