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2 months operations and NO sales

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Had put in $400 dollars in November. Had some traffic but no sales. Could someone give advice for the store on what could be better. Really looking forward to this.

Site is :




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Hey @rukinfelix,

You've done a great job with your store. Everything is well organized and easy to navigate.

I want you to succeed so I am going to give you my honest feedback here.

I think a big part of the problem are the products you've chosen. For example, with hair tools, there are already large, well-known companies offering this same thing. When a person is searching for this type of product in Google, these big companies are who is showing up in search results and who you are competing with for customers. For example, this product of yours is sold on both Amazon .com and .ca and for over $100 less than your selling price.

A person can complete IF they give people a reason to purchase from them vs. the other guys. An example of this might be someone who makes soaps locally, their "reason" as to why you should purchase from them vs the other guy is because they are local and a lot of people are passionate about shopping local.

If you cannot find a way to set yourself apart in the market, it is time to move on to a different product. A good product choice should have these qualities:

  1. High demand. Look for "problem fixing products".
  2. Not easily accessible. Look for products that are not available in stores or online through big retailers or Amazon.
  3. Popular. Look for trending products.

I have a lot more to say on this topic, but I cover it in our video so I'll leave it here for you to watch:

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Best of luck!

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ok.  I'll be straight with you.  It took me a minute to figure out what exactly you're selling.  I see soaps and everything.   But the titles kinda clash and overlap.  Home shop hub.  What does that mean?  The menu items are kinda messed up. 

Menus need main categories like MENS WOMENS CHILDREN CLOSEOUTS.   

below the main categories you can break it down more if you like.  But I see on your landg page 4 main categories. Bath   But in the menu there are only 2

Bath Body hair and soaps

But the menu has only haircare bodycare.  Where are the soaps.  Thought that was section or category.   You have the word Segments in your menu that then breaks down to the same two categories you just listed.  

And the very first thing I see when I go to your site is only 3 main categories Bath products "soaps is listed under this but isn't soaps its own main category??" Skincare and HAIRCARE


To clean this up loose the word Segments in your menu.   

Decide on a naming convention and stick with it.  You have some titles capital letters and some aren't.

Decide what you want to sell and keep it in that category.  When I see bath products I think of the entire bathroom.  Sink. Floor rugs. Pictures. Etc...

Here is an idea.   


    For him 

    For  her 


 For him 

 For her 

 For everyone 

 For sensitive 

 For medicinals 


 For straight hair 

 For curly 

 For him 

 For her













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Just noticed.  Your prices.  Even them off.  It's unsettling to see 8.20.  Or 7.63.  

Just make them $8 or $7

You also have different prices from one page to another.  Check out your lavender soap.  Prices 7.20 on landing page. Jumps to 9 something when you click on it.  Fix that and keep prices as close to similar as you can with each product.  If you can.

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Thank you for the reply. Much appreciated, I will work on the recommendations. And the price difference is coming due to the multiple variants in weights. Not sure how to fix that. 

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why would the weight differ between the product listed on one page to the same product on another page.   

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Hello @rukinfelix, your store isn't available.

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thats because he either got smart and moved to a better platform, or shopify sucked him dry of all his money and spit him out to never try online sales again.  just my humble opinion