3 months after launching site I still have no sales

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Hi everyone. I would love some feedback on my store. I designed everything myself, spent a couple hundred on Facebook ads. No sales. I wonder what I am doing wrong. Disregard the couple out of stock beds, I am fixing this now. Thanks in advance 



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Hi @Theadder,

This is Kate from PageFly - Shopify Landing Page Builder App. 

 I was just browsing your store and was super impressed by what you've built!

With my expertise in Conversion Rate Optimization, I brainstormed a few ideas to help you attract more awesome customers.

Here are some key areas we could focus on:


1. Add favicon to your store

By adding a favicon, your store gains a unique touch, making it easier for customers to recognize it


2. Adjust the top section

Currently, the header and announcement bar are taking up too much space. For greater clarity, you might think about relocating the 'Free shipping' notice to the first announcement in the second slide. Additionally, consider resizing the logo image to reduce the navigation area's size.


3. Modify the hero banner section

In the hero banner, customers can easily spot the '70% Sale' information, but the call-to-action button is hard to notice. You might consider relocating it below the content area and altering its color to make it stand out more.


Next, consider increasing the space between the hero banner and the content beneath it:


You can check this image for reference:


4. Avoid blank space on the page

Please review the spacing and think about adding two more collections or removing the 'Dog Travel' collection. You might use a 'Load More' button for this purpose:


5. Add image for the Our Mission section

Images can convey emotions and ideas quickly, making the mission more relatable and memorable to visitors. It also breaks up text-heavy sections, making the page more visually interesting and easier to navigate. Like this:


6. Prepare for Christmas promotion

Christmas is just around the corner, and with it comes a surge in customer spending. This presents a golden opportunity for businesses to boost their sales and reach new customers. To capitalize on this peak season, consider implementing these effective strategies by using page builder app:

Highlight your products as Ideal Gifts

  • Create gift guides: Curate and categorize your products into gift guides based on interests, or budgets.
  • Offer gift wrapping services: Make gifting easier for customers by providing gift wrapping services.
  • Implement a countdown timer to instill a sense of urgency and drive quick buys.



These are some suggestions for improving the design.

And ... Merry Christmas!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season filled with joy, laughter and success❤️.


Best regards,

Kate | PageFly Team

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Thank you so much for these great suggestions. Do you provide paid consultation on Facebook ads by chance? 

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Hi @Theadder ,

I'm just offering suggestions for you, I don't offer services. If you have any questions, I can help answer them within the scope of my knowledge.

Have a nice day.

Kate - PageFly Team

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Thank you so much. If you have any knowledge about Facebook ads , I am interested to know what an ideal budget would be to start , and at which point should I see sales ( or at which point would I know things are not working well ).. how much do people spend to start off , and what an ideal size is for a target audience in the US. Thank you so much 

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I don't have much knowledge about this, but here is some general information I can give you. The ideal budget for Facebook ads depends on several factors, including:

  • Your business goals: Are you looking to generate brand awareness, drive website traffic, or increase sales?
  • Your target audience: How large is your target audience? Are they located in a specific area?
  • Your industry: Competition can vary greatly by industry, which can impact costs.
  • Your ad format and creatives: Different ad formats and creatives can have different costs.
  • Minimum: Facebook recommends a minimum daily budget of $1 per ad set for impression-based campaigns.

Hope it helps!

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Hi @Theadder 
I just took a moment to look over your store and I’m a pet lover too, so I really like your store. I have some suggestions to help your store look better. 

- Add favicon for your store

At first sight, I think you should add a favicon for your store, this thing is your signature of your store. It will help customers identify your store with the others. So,please add it as soon as possible.



- Remove the second announcement bar

One website needs only one announcement bar, so I think you should remove the second one and add more information on the main announcement bar. This makes your customer focus on one announcement bar only and they will remember the displayed information easier. 



- The welcome section

I think you should add more content here, you can write more text to give your customers a warm welcome to your store, it would be rather than the title you set now. I suggest something cute and adorable, because your products are for pets.



- Change the product section title

I think this title in the product section needs to improve more, maybe you can change the text font or the background to make this section more outstanding than the other parts in your homepage. 



- Add the product section

I saw you show many products, but if you can show a best selling product or a product you think is the best on your homepage, it would be better. You can increase sales by that product and make it become a signature product of your store, it increases both sales and traffic to your store. 



- Add trust badge
The trust badge is a commitment about your brand and your products. As you know, with the pet lovers, no one will buy anything that is not good for their pet's health. If you commit with your customer that your products are good for your pet's health or something like that, you will have customer trust.



- Add Social proof

Social proof is another place that can create customer trust. With your store, I highly recommend that you should add customer testimonials or Instagram Feed or both of them. For the customer testimonials, it will show customer reviews what makes your new customers trust your product through the reviews of the last customers. For the Instagram Feed, you can show images, videos of your product and it makes your customers have a better look about your products. 

Example Customer Testimonials:



Example for Instagram Feed (Powered by HAPO Shoppable Instagram Feed)



- Fill your footer with more content

I think your footer has many blank spaces, so you should add more content in this section. Firstly, you should move the our mission above and move it to the footer, add the store logo. This thing will remind customers one more time about your store. At the same time, on the right side of the footer, you should add some Quick Links here such as About us, Contact us, shipping policy, refund policy, etc. To improve customer experiences. I know you have that section below, but it’s too small and customers won’t focus on it.  



Hope it helpful for you!

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Best of all, all these features are available with our completely free plan. Don't hesitate to


if you have any questions or need assistance!