700 sessions with no sales

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Hello everybody,
I'm the founder and designer of Holawaka Store, a clothing store with a social and political imprint.
Launched 2 weeks ago, it works with Printify to design the clothes and sell them on the store.

Considering the young age of the store, it still have many imperfections and that's why I'm here to ask for a feedback.

I've already read many other topics about this problem and I got many useful suggestions that I've put in my store in the last days.

I'm advertising my store on Facebook Ad and that's where the sessions come from.

  1. I know I should put some testimonials on the homepage, but considering that my store is new I don't have any testimonials and I think that fake them is not a good idea.
  2. I'd need professional photo shoots and a promotional video but my budget is strict so I'm using the Printify images for my store.
  3. I'm trying to add the estimated delivery time in the product page instead of having it in the FAQ page.


Do you have any suggestion for my shop?
Thank you very much

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Hi @SalBertis 

I Review your store it's looking great. 

But suggest you Add a home page image or video in your Store.
Use a model image with your product and use some text regarding the Product.

Add large font size. you are using a small font size that is very difficult to see.

give some offers! through Facebook ads marketing.

If the visitors come to your store and you got 0 sales then you have to use the Shopify app Replay cat through this App you can watch every visitor's screen recording videos and find what the actual problem is in your store. I hope this App helps you to make your store better.

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Hey  @SalBertis

I’m Richard Nguyen - CRO Expertat PageFly- Free Landing Page Builder. Here I want to add some comments to help you ramp up your sale growths: 

For the store design, please work on the homepage design first as I see that it's not active enough to kick-ass your customer to take further steps. You know that your homepage is the very first touchpoint of your website with your target customers. First-time users generally make a snap decision about the site and brand and tend to stick to that initial impression throughout the entire shopping session — with a negative impression translating to decreased patience with site hiccups and more abandonments.

So firstly, I'd recommend that you create an astonishing & relevant homepage banner with an effective CTA here. 



Also, once working with the perfect design as possible, the very crucial step is to get traffic. The higher the traffic the more possibility of higher sales. Here are some Marketing tactics which you should consider  to drive more traffic to your online store, take your time to read here: 14+ Shopify Marketing Ideas To Kick-off Your Sales Growth

And for the next one, certainly, the ultimate goal is to increase your sales. My tips here are based on what I have collected from our customers while interviewing them. It's no need to apply all those kinds of stuff here as it has a lot to do, but please choose the right one which is tailored to your time and resources; 

  • Use customer testimonials on home & product pages
  • Use exclusive discounts to grow your email list
  • Develop engagement-driven Email Drip Campaigns
  • Send Abandoned Shopping Cart email
  • Use Push Notifications to Boost Sales
  • Use A Customer Loyalty Program 
  • Set up Upsell/Cross-Sell at checkout
  • Implement a Customer Referral Program
  • Provide 24/7 Live Chat to Support customers worldwide
  • Create Kick-Ass CTA (Call-to-action)
  • Offer personalized product recommendations
  • Focus on your storefront user experience
  • Get referrals from your existing customers
  • Offer free shipping on order minimums
  • Write Product Description that sells

Tips: You can use Product Description Generator Tools to create hundred of content descriptions at ease

  • Add subscriptions boxes to your online store
  • Add a pre-order option to your Shopify store for out-of-stock items
  • Create and sell personalizable and customizable products
  • Leverage Buy Now, Pay Later Payment option 

You can learn more sale growth in this article: Ramp up your Shopify Sales with simple ideas

I hope that my suggestion might help you a lot!

If you feel my answer is helpful, like it or give it a thumb up. Let me know if you have any questions. 


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Hello @SalBertisThis is AiTrillion- an All-in-one Marketing Platform on Shopify. Here are some ways to make your store even better and make people want to purchase:

- Make your announcement bar clickable and add a call to action on it so customers can take an action on it.

The home page should flow better. I would recommend setting it out like this. Slideshow Image- Collection List- Product Recommendations- Testimonials- Newsletter sign up box- Blog Posts- Instagram Feed.

- Product page looks good! 

- Add a 'add to cart' button below the products on the collection page. 


Start using a loyalty program to entice your customers. It will help you build a loyal customer base. You can give loyalty points to your customers on activities like signing up, allowing for web push notifications, making a purchase, visiting a store and many more. This will help in doubling the sales as when you give loyalty points to your customers they will come back to your store to make a purchase in order to redeem those points. You can give rewards to your customers to redeem those points.

Add web push notifications, it will help you to retarget your customers even when customers are not in your store without getting their email address. 


To add the above marketing engagement tools to optimize the conversions of your store there are many apps available in the Shopify app store. Instead of installing multiple apps, you can install the all-in-one Shopify app AiTrillion and get all the benefits of marketing features in a single app to drive conversions. 

Hope this helps!

Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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