8.33% ATC, 6.91% Reached Checkout but only 0.41% Conversion Rate!

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Hi everyone,


I'm experiencing a strange problem with my new store given that I have very strong add to cart and reached checkout rates. Check out my stats below: 41 ATC, 34 Checkouts yet only 2 Purchases!

Screen Shot 2023-07-14 at 7.51.25 am.png

Store: https://lumiva.store/


I think I have good reason to believe there's something seriously wrong with my checkout but I cannot work out what that is! If anyone has any suggestions or obvious flaws that I'm not seeing, I'd really appreciate it 🙂


I have so far tried:

- Aligning the checkout process with brand and rest of the website

- Push notifications with abandoned checkout facility

- Abandoned checkout emails

- Free shipping in all advertised countries


Thanks in advance!


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There's nothing wrong with your checkout!


Some things I notice, is its obviously a drop shipping store and maybe that's why you haven't mentioned anything about a shipping policy besides it being free.


Try adding some information about shipping times and be upfront about the long shipping times to avoid complaints.


Your logo is nice and leans towards a high value brand BUT there are other page elements that do not align with that branding. Review your brand as a whole, would a high end beauty brand use emojis throughout their copy? Most likely no.


You need more social proof, try adding more than 7 reviews.


Consider doing some high end photography for your photos, the GIFs don't align with the high end beauty esthetic you are going for.


Where is your traffic coming from? is it worldwide traffic? which countries are these abandoned checkouts coming from? are they countries where people don't have as much money to spend?


Work on building your social media following, people have a hard time trusting brands with only a few followers.


All in all, I think you're doing well and I certainly encourage you to continue. Don't give up, but i'd say cut back on the ad spend, it's pricey to bring that kind of traffic without a return on your investment. Focus on refining things a bit more. You're on your way!





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Thanks for your awesome response Lee, really appreciate that!


I was under the impression that my product page design/copy/branding was doing its job to achieve an 8%+ ATC. However, do you feel these shortcomings in product page could be impacting buyer confidence later on in the funnel (i.e. the checkout) to cause a 90% checkout abandonment rate?


All my traffic is coming from wealthy countries i.e. USA, UK, Canada, Australia.

Thanks again for your great tips, there are lots of things I can implement here 🙂



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Hey, no problem,


I certainly think an 8% add to cart is a great metric and shows you've done something right! Without the conversion though it doesn't mean much for your wallet.


Something I didn't mention is your product price, and maybe this would be the first thing to test - sorry for overlooking that in my previous reply.


I think your product price is maybe a bit high, although I'm not sure on your costs. You should be aiming to make between 10-20% net profit. If you're not making sales then start at the 10% net profit mark. If you start to get sales, you can increase the product by a dollar, wait for the next 100 people to come to your store and see how the conversion rate is affected. Hopefully it won't go down, meaning you can then raise the price again. Repeat in $1 increments until you find the sweet spot.


I do think though if you can focus on consistency in the high end branding you'll achieve a better result.


Hope this helps



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That’s genuinely very helpful Lee, appreciate your input!