A lot of visitors, low conversions...

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Hi there, 

I hope you're having a great selling experience!

I just launched my shop out two weeks ago and it's been great with visitors, which makes me feel like I have a good thing going with some interest.

It's a baby shop, with one product. I've been told by friends and family that the site is a bit too bleh. 

Would love some further advice. Be brutally honest, I have a tough shell. Would love for this to work...


Thank you and stay safe! 



Your store looks good and the product appears pretty useful helping with portability. Parents can easily relate to this. As there is only one product, you may want to put a few more pictures of the product, maybe with different colors if available. Online marketing is good to promote awareness of the product but when it comes to sales you may consider some direct in-mail marketing for some new parents or parent groups. You can look at this post if you want to go that route at some point. 


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Hey buddy,


Okay so your niche and product are a great choice but the first thing I noticed when I landed on your website was that your colours aren't consistent. Try changing the logo colour or site colours to them consistent throughout your website. 

You just have one review which is not enough. 


A menu like this is unnecessary in my opinion if you are operating a one product store. I would suggest changing the theme to something that compliment one product store more! Debutify is a great example. 


In some places, the text on your store is hard to read. So again I would suggest considering changing colours. 


Your product description is good but needs some media files in between them and less text to it is easy and appealing to read to the customers. 

Your footer can be more organized and clean looking with would also help with the professional look! 

There are some other improvements needed before I suggest spending money on paid advertisements.  If you are willing to work on improving your store I can help make changes to hopefully get those sales! 

Hope these pointers helped and if you need more tips or tricks shoot me a message!