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Add to Cart button, how to remove the animation

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dear community, 


i have been setting up a new product liquid for products which are soon available. Im almost finished, but there is one small problem.


There is a feature, which animates a small arrow on the "add to cart" button. While it doesnt appear in this case, there is still some animation, which is changing the size of the button.

Is there any way to remove the animation for this button only?

      {% if product.empty? %}type="submit"{% else %}type="submit"{% endif %}
      id="AddToCart-{{ section_id }}"
      class="btn btn--full add-to-cart " disabled="disabled">
      <span id="AddToCartText-{{ section_id }}" data-default-text="{{ default_text }}">
        {{ button_text }}


I tried adding "btn--no-animate" but that removed the color of the button.

Thats the page im talking about:

password: veirao

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Dear @karim71 

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hi, for what price?

kind regards - karim from shipped