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I get this error when I enter my Street Address


  • Street is invalid: The address number is out of range. Please verify your address with USPS and try again.


It is currently reading 18715 W Nine Mile Road

and should be reading 

17515 W Nine Mile Road

Suite 140

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Nobody helped this person, who posted over a year ago, and I have the same issue. 

According to USPS, this is the correct format. IN FACT, this exact syntax is produced by the Shopify auto-complete.

PLEASE HELP – I CAN'T SAVE THE PAGE. (mods: please move this post  to the proper category)





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I am having the same problem and have not received a reply.  This is so frustrating.  I can't move onto next page.

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When I had the issue (3/20/21, above), it was "magically" fixed when shopify pushed an update to the backend. There's nothing that can be done from our side.