Adjusting Incoming Stock Quantities

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One thing that I find incredibly frustrating about Shopify's inventory management capabilities is how it handles the Incoming Stock Quantities.  By requiring a Purchase Order to be created in order to enter a quantity of incoming stock, it (a) assumes that one is placing the restock order directly through Shopify and (b) requires one to then receive the incoming inventory through Shopify using the created Purchase Order.


We order from dozens of distributors, none of whom accept orders in the Shopify format. So, to follow Shopify's instructions to create (and then receive from) a Shopify-created Purchase Order is adding an additional layer of unnecessary work in order to have correct incoming stock numbers.  We place orders directly with distributors using their preferred ordering method, and we receive that stock into Shopify manually as it arrives.


All we need is the capability to put a number in the Incoming Stock field without having to create a Purchase Order and then receive the stock through that Purchase Order.


This would be such a huge help with our inventory control.  If we could just enter a number in that Incoming Stock field, it would then tell us, at a glance, if a restock had been placed and how many items we're waiting on.


It know that this small change would make a world of difference every single day for us, and I guess I'm wondering if anyone else feels the same way (or if anyone else has a workaround they can suggest that doesn't require duplicating tasks that we're already doing outside of Shopify).


I also really, really wish that we could assign reorder levels for individual items within Shopify and not have to use a third party App to do so.


Hopefully that all makes sense.  Thanks for any assistance anyone might have to offer.

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