Amazon Ineligible Purchases

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I discovered that close to FIFTY PERCENT of ALL my sales from all of my sites were deemed "ineligible". What the heck? How long has this been going on? It's not like I check my reports every week or even every month. I earn so little, I hardly have reason to.

I called the Amazon Associates Program at (800) 372-8066 - So I asked for a Supervisor. The Supervisor told me that they could not reveal exactly why some of the sales were marked "ineligible", that the process was for determining this was proprietary. However, the insinuation was that it was because they were a friend. Really? Seriously? What is the difference between a friend or a Follower on social media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc? So I asked how they would even know that she was a friend? The Supervisor could not answer this. 

Anybody deal with this? And what is the solution? Thank you!

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