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audit my website

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Can you please check any issues with the website


I want to get 35000 clicks per month on this website. how can i achieve it.

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Hi there,

Welcome to Shopify community.

Let me take some time to look at your store and I will share our finding on your DM.

One thing - I have added a review on one of your product to see you are showing them on your home page or not.


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Welcome to Shopify community,
We are happy to help. only getting 35000 clicks per month is not the Proper solution to get sales,
you have to target your proper Audience which want to purchase.

if audience is not interested in your product, it increase your website bounce rate.
so work on your product seo, on-page, off-page seo, Email targetting, social media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, use paid ads Google or facebook.

I hope you get the points to increase you sales, so work on seo of your all product,
Here is some list by which you increase your Monthly traffic.:


10 Proven Ways to Increase Website Traffic
  1. Perform Keyword Research. Always include relevant keywords in your content. ...
  2. Create Memorable Content. ...
  3. Write Guest Posts. ...
  4. Keep Active Social Media Pages. ...
  5. Use Advertising to Increase Website Traffic. ...
  6. Send Email Newsletters. ...
  7. Influencer Outreach. ...
  8. Create a Helpful Industry Tool or Content.

Let me, know if you have any Queries regarding this, we are happy to help you.

Thank you.

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Hi @diamondforgood,


It's PageFly - Best Page Builder App here and I'd like to share some of my initial thoughts when first browsing through your online store. I hope that my recommendations based on 6 years of providing solutions for more than 100.000 merchants can be beneficial to you in improving your store performance. 


I did take a deep look into your web design and was amazed by your wonderful and colorful products. I like that you have: 

  • So many beautiful products
  • Impressive hero banner
  • Hover effect for CTA buttons

Besides these things, I have some comments and suggestions for your page: 

1. Homepage


1.1 Featured Collection


Your featured collection is beautiful, but it would look better if you reduce the size of the product images. This way, customers will not be too overwhelmed when looking at your homepage. 


You can check this featured collection section for reference: 




1.2 Show your policies

Information on shipping and payment should be made clear from the first place. You should include this information below the hero banner. When the customers actively know your policies, they will be more likely to make purchases. 

Take this one for example:




Increasing conversion rate is very important, you can check this article on how to BUILD AN AMAZING HOMEPAGE. I am sure there is all the information you need. 

2. Product page


I have some comments for you here: 


2.1 Reduce product media’s size

Product images are too big, along with the sticky header giving customers bad browsing experiences. 



You should reduce the size of your product images on your product page.


2.2 Always show products “in scale”

Provide at least one “In Scale” image showing the product relative to the surrounding environment, human models, or other products of known sizes. For example, you can take pictures of a hand model wearing the rings. Customers will be more encouraged to click ADD TO CART when they have more information about the product.


2.3 Display minimum of 6 reviews by default, with the ability to load more

Users’ reviews are very important in online shopping. To increase conversion rate, it is advised that you have a review section where customers can read true reviews of your products. And you should display a minimum of 6 reviews by default. A too-short list of reviews prevents exploration and pattern detection.


To create a review section, you can use third-party reviews apps such as: Loox, Yotpo, or, etc. PageFly integrates with these apps. Or you can check this guide on the best Shopify review apps for your online store success.

Your products and your page can be of great potential. All you need is more research to increase conversion rate. To learn more about how to maximize the effectiveness of your page, check out this guide to grasp your opportunity 


PageFly, Free Page Builder helps you build a high-converting store with flexibility and confidence without headaches. You can start with the Free plan to use all features and create different page types for your store with 24/7 support live chat. 

I hope my recommendations will be beneficial for you, if you find it helpful, you can give it a thumbs up!



If you find it helpful, please let me know by giving it a like or marking it as a solution.

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Hello @diamondforgood,


I've taken a look at your store. Nice collection. Your store is already looking professional. I have a few suggestions.

1. Add sections like 'New Arrivals' and 'Hot Sellers' to help keep customers updated on new products and give exposure to new collections.
2. You can add the person's photo in the testimonials section which helps increase the credibility of the testimonials.

Diamond for Good- Natural Diamond Ring online shopping store – USA 2022-08-02 09-07-27.png

3. Adding a "Home" page link to the main header menu will make it easy to navigate from any other page back to Home.
Diamond for Good- Natural Diamond Ring online shopping store – USA 2022-08-02 09-11-23.png

In general, organic search is more cost-effective in the long run for getting more traffic and conversions. If you have an organic search result that gets the same number of clicks as an ad, the organic result will have a better ROI. While you may have spent time on the result, you won't have to pay for clicks, meaning your return is higher per click. By tapping into free sources of traffic, you’ll start generating a good amount of sales on your Shopify store.

You can follow the below strategies to drive traffic to your Shopify store.

1. Optimize your Shopify store for search engine traffic
One way to optimize your store is by adding Keywords which are the search terms that people use with the search engines and will be what guide you in your search engine optimization. Once you gather all relevant keywords that are relevant to your product and your niche market, begin using them all throughout your website like in Product Titles, Product Descriptions, Alt Tags on Images, and any other additional content.
2. Attract customers with content marketing
Just like your product descriptions will help attract visitors to your Shopify site, so will any other content on your website. A simple paragraph at the bottom of each category page with a lot of keywords that are likely used on search engines will do the trick.
3. Write guest posts for sites within your niche
The websites on the top of the search engine results pages likely have a lot of other websites linking to them. The more links pointing to your website, the better. Rather than wait for other websites to direct traffic to you through a link, it is easiest to offer to write a guest post for other blogs within your niche.
4. Actively creating posts on social media accounts

Creating posts on social media can be a good way to promote your online store and connect with customers. 
5. Showcase your products with powerful text, images, and video
Your product description should be detailed and evocative. Include vital product specifications as well as a powerful story about the product. Commerce is built on great storytelling.

It is an amazing strategy for gaining visibility for your brand and ultimately increasing sales without having to rely so heavily on doling out money for a large marketing budget. You will get more organic sales when your products are found on free sales channels like Google Search and you will start getting order conversions for virtually zero cost. flareAI is a bot, so unlike a traditional stuff you don't need to do a thing. Apps & tools need you to learn skills, hire people and dedicate time to get stuff done. Bot is different, it does stuff for you saving you time & expense. flareAI works every day for you, tapping into Google Search and 20+ of world's best & biggest free sales channels.


Hope this helps,

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Hello there,

  I saw your post recently, about you trying to get 3k+ traffic to your Shopify store! 


 I guess that's not what you should think first, what you should consider now is how to get your product promoted to the right audience.


  Your store is doing good, I can see, but it needs people to patronize. because you aim to get sales and live the lifestyle you've always wanted.


 Follow the marketing strategies it will help you.


  1. Increase email signups.
  2. Create email marketing campaigns.
  3. Add SMS marketing.
  4. Invest in social media marketing.
  5. Use SEO to drive traffic.
  6. Leverage paid ads for targeted traffic.
  7. Build dedicated landing pages.
  8. Offer free shipping.
  9. Earn trust with social proof and UGC marketing.
  10.  Integrate upselling and cross-selling tactics.
  11. Pruse and integrate your consumer's reviews.

If you have any other complaints don't hesitate to let us know.




If you have any other questions don't hesitate to Keep us informed or contact us
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Thanks for the update. and feedback.

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Hi @diamondforgood 


Welcome to Shopify Community and thanks for sharing the URL!


am Anni from MS Web Designer( (Top Rated Shopify Certified Experts and eCommerce Consultant from Singapore). I had reviewed your store and you have an amazing collection on your store and it already seems professional.


I'd like to provide a few ideas which might help you to enhance the user experience and increase sales.

Here are some recommendations for your store.

1. Mobile Speed Need to Improve, Currently 31-86. you need to improve website speed to make it more user-friendly for both device desktop and mobile. This is one of the most important steps for improving conversions and sales.

2. Your featured collection is lovely, however, the product images would look better if they were smaller.

3. Product photos are excessively large, and the sticky header makes surfing difficult for buyers.

4. Use a countdown timer, 'only 1 left' features, and advertising banners to emphasize 'sale expiration' to create a sense of urgency.


By fixing these issues, your website will have seamless experience.
If you want a Free complete Website Optimization Audit Report (All the Actionable steps for your store), let me know!

I hope this helps, and do let me know if you have any more questions!
Good Luck!



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Hi👋.You can try the following to get traffic:



Facebook is the largest social networking platform in the world. If you are in foreign trade, you have to register a Facebook account and open a Facebook page. Think about it. If you have 2,000 friends on your Facebook account who are your potential customers, and 5,000 followers on your Facebook page who are all industry people, Then you casually send a high quality content for the site to lead the traffic, the site instantly can surge hundreds of IP. Of course, in the early stage, Facebook needs to accumulate, constantly add friends, accumulate users, constantly post some dynamic mutual likes, and accumulate the trust of fans.


Industry forum or professional blog

Industry regardless of size, there will always be a few famous BBS or blog site, no matter you are selling the small card or selling of excavator, in Google, you will find the excavator related BBS or blog on small card, there is no doubt that bubble BBS and blogs are your audience, so try to push your site to them, to bring them into your website.


Edm mail

Edm is also a lot of foreign trade enterprises will choose the marketing method, of course, the mail is usually direct mail for the purpose, but do a good job in the mail to add the website address is actually better, especially when our website experience is particularly good, the flow into the website will be higher.

QuickCEP - A versatile assistant that combines Chatbot and EDM to improve conversion rates.