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Banned from Google merchant center due to misreprecentation...

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Hi Guys. Im having issues with my store.. 

I have been banned from google merchant center due to misrepresentation. They keep telling me my landing pages have poor quality ( see below ).

Can I get some help to identify what might be the problem and get the store up and running again.

Thank you in advance.

store URL

Post checking your account I can see its suspended for misrepresentation.
Google Shopping requires that merchants provide transparency into the product that's being promoted. It has come to our attention that your Google Merchant Center account doesn't comply with our Program Policies.
Google’s primary objective is to provide safe, relevant experiences for our users. The decision to suspend your account was made after careful review of your account and the low quality landing page experiences promoted through your website.
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With a quick glance I don't see anything obvious regarding poor landing page quality. So I recommend looking deeper using my check list here:

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