Beginning Shopify Page being built Happily and needing kind-souls to point the way

Beginning Shopify Page being built Happily and needing kind-souls to point the way

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1 0 0 I am creating my first Shopify page. I’m thrilled! I love the sense of community and all have one thing in common , to succeed and build a page. I was told to place “Stripe” into account and signed up to it. I’m not seeing itbonnShopify. Is there a menu option I research&rootvthtoughvyo find that connection to Stripe button? Excited about this, when complete as I didn’t even know! Must excuse me,as I’m scatter brained on products to sell. A know a niche but so hard to get company to agree. Can I buy my own product from company, add it, buy and ship to person who bought from my site discreetly from original site to customer? Is that legal? I’m trying to utilize local consignment shops as well… sk fun though! I’d also pay for a beautiful background. mens,women’s,accessories,etc.. if any takers? Good price? Still want to learn by myself and with tios* and suggestions will be key for me. GOODLUCK all!🙏🏻I hope the best for your oage and send my way sk I can check out and see what I like and don’t. Suggestions are fantastic!

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Hi @Beachbum , 

In order to connect to Stripe, you need to do the following: 

1. Go to Settings

2. Go to Payment Providers in your Shopify admin

3. Select Stripe and follow the prompt to set it up

When it comes to shipping, you need to check the policies from the company, reach out to the and ask for clarification. 

About some beautiful background, try explore the theme store from Shopify or even better hire a Shopify expert.

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