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Hi - Bulk product editing has changed and it make very difficult to work with the new. A few I normally work on and this will prolong my task from minutes to hours:


- If you add columns, get out and come back - it changes to default

- Column width cant be changed

- Tags: Not all the tags are shown


Please let me know how this can be done.




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Hi @Amezi ,


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If you want to design and build your page, you might try our app. We can create this kind of design, very easy to create rows/columns and style them. About the tag, we need more information to understand what you want to help you try it.

You also can take a look at our Template here.


If you have any further questions, feel free to let me know or you can contact our support team via Live chat to connect with us directly. We are there 24/7 to help, we will try to check and fix it for you.


Thank you and have a nice rest of the day!

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Having the same problem. It feels like the people who design these things have never actually operated a shop. Yes, it looks nice, but we've lost functionality that we had before. I can't delete tags from the edit screen. I guess maybe I could scroll in the long box and delete them but previously I could just backspace over tags I didn't want to use anymore. Likewise the block design before made it easier for me to find and use  tags. If your shop has more than a few tags that list style is so long and hard to use. I guess I can forget using bulk edit page until/unless they fix it. 

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Me too.  It is a pain now.  You can't adjust column widths and you have to reset your column parameters every time you go back out.  I use this feature maybe twice a week to unpublish out of stock items, so they're not clogging up my website.  It used to be easy, now it's taking me many times longer for no apparent, discernible benefit.  I hate how Shopify make changes to perfectly good features for no reason.


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Agreed. The new bulk editor is totally useless. And I don't want to add another app to do something that used to be a part of Shopify. Fix this issue, please!

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YES!  Bulk edit is now totally useless.  I use it mainly for reviewing and amending tags.  Not being able to change the column width or see them all renders bulk edit pointless.


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Just checking back in to see if there's been any progress/update on this issue, which still continues unchanged since this thread started back in May.  Does anything ever happen within Shopify to take on board user feedback about functionality?   Do we need to highlight this on the Shopify Support Twitter page?