Can I get feedback about my store please.

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Hi @myusastore,


Thanks for reaching out to the community. This is MooseDesk - Customer Support Helpdesk/FAQ App


Congrats on your new store! Your store looks stunning. I can tell you have put a lot of effort into building this. However, I have some comments to make the good get even better. Here are some of my recommendations for better customer experience, please kindly check.


1. Navigation Menu


Review and update your navigation menu to include accurate URLs for all product collections. Inconsistencies in linking may frustrate users, leading to a quicker exit from your website.


2. Homepage 

2.1. Hero Banner


Ensure the inclusion of a captivating hero banner at the top of your homepage. This section plays a crucial role in grabbing users' attention, communicating your unique selling points, and providing a clear understanding of what your store offers. The hero banner image should be high-quality and directly convey your product offerings.


Here is an example for you: 




2.2. Product Introduction and Navigation:


Include a brief introduction to your product lines on the homepage. This introduction should be followed by buttons linking to specific collection pages, providing users with easy navigation to explore your offerings further.


You can follow this example: 




2.3. Best Sellers Section


Maintain a "Best Sellers" section on the homepage to showcase popular items. This helps build trust and encourages users to explore your product range, potentially leading to increased sales.


2.4. About Us Section:


Add an "About Us" section to establish a professional and trustworthy image for your store. Share information about yourself and your business to connect with customers on a personal level.


2.5. Reviews Section:


Boost your store's credibility by including a dedicated reviews section. User testimonials play a significant role in influencing potential buyers. Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews and showcase them prominently on your website.


Here is an example for you: 




2.6. Product Benefits Section:


Consider featuring a section highlighting the benefits of your products. Clearly communicate why customers should choose your products over others in the market.


2.7. CTA Placement:


Strategically place call-to-action (CTA) buttons throughout your homepage to prompt users to explore your products further. Encourage them to click and discover more about your offerings.


3. Favicon 


Enhance the professional appearance of your website by including a favicon. This small but impactful element contributes to a more polished and trustworthy online presence.


4. Footer 


Restructure your footer to include essential contact information (address, email address, phone number). This adds a layer of transparency and reassurance for users.


You can follow this example: 




5. Product Page


Streamline your product page by removing redundant sections, such as the product image, and consider implementing a slider for a smoother viewing experience.


6. Dedicated FAQ Section:


Implement a dedicated FAQ section to empower users with self-service options. This can significantly improve customer satisfaction by providing quick solutions to common queries.


To address this, I recommend using MooseDesk, an app for creating unique FAQ pages for your customers. Besides helping you creating your Help Center, we also provide a helpdesk/ticketing system for your customer support. 


Since our app is now available for free, all current users will be considered as early-bird users and get to enjoy all our current features for free forever!


As an expert/enthusiast in UX, I recommend implementing these changes to improve customer experience when scrolling through your store.


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Thank you, 

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