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Can’t Get A Sale

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I’ve had my store for about a week and heftier yesterday I just paid a $5 promotion on fiverr so I could see if my site when my site was ready and if I would get any conversions while I was just testing out. Over a week of that I got a little more than 2k visitors of the week but 0 sales. My add to cart % wasn’t bad, like 3-4% not high but not horrible. Yesterday I started my Facebook campaign with about 14 ad sets and I’ve gotten decent traffic for the low dollar amount I spent on each ad. I’ve gotten about a 5% add to cart rate now but still ZERO sales. I have no idea what’s wrong with my site. I offer free shipping, 7-14 days. I plan on using the CJDropshipping supplier instead since I can get 3-7 day shipping for just a small amount more and maybe the shipping time just scared people away. I know my product and site are at least good enough, but I just cannot get a single sale. There has to be something about my checkout process that is not right or scared people away because will changed my price to $1 one day and bought my product from each different payment method to make sure my checkout works. I have no clue what is wrong with my store because people are clearly interested and clearly have some intent to buy. Like I said I know my add to cart % isn’t very good but it’s at least good enough to get ONE sale. If anyone could look at my site and tell me if I’m doing anything wrong. About 40 add to carts over a week and ZERO sales. There’s gotta be something wrong with my site or my checkout. I haven’t even done heavy marketing, only $5 ads and the 1 $5 fiverr promotion. Please if someone can give me some advice about my site because a 0% conversion rate with about 40 add to carts can’t be right. Thanks for any advice. I’m also really not looking to purchase anything I’m hoping someone can just point out what might be scaring people away. Thanks!

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