Can we rely on CSV files?

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Hello there,

I'd like to know if CSV files may be trusted.

EXPLAINING EXAMPLE: In my Shopify store, I offer items.

These are digital items, but that doesn't really important for the purposes of what I'm about to tell you.

Every product has an author, and I am not one of them.

Every month, at the conclusion of the month, I have to pay each author his or her profits %.

Assume Peter is an author who sells a product in my shop.

His product sells 100 units every month, with a total revenue of $1,000.

We've established a contract in which we both agree that he should receive 70% of his entire profits.

As a result, I must pay Peter $700.

So far, so nice... but there's a problem...

How can I demonstrate to Peter that his product sold precisely 1000 units and not 990 or 1190?

I considered emailing him a screenshot of the statistics... but he could believe it was a forgery.

What can I do?

Is there a certain method to prove the truth to him? Are CSV files acceptable? Are they unchangeable?

What should I do if that is not the case?

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I think the issue really depends on the trust you've built with your partner(s). You could ask them what type of report they'd like to see to show them how many products you sold. That way you're not guessing what will be sufficient for them to know how much stock you're selling. Communication is key here as you'll be able to better understand your partners' needs and work with them to provide them with the correct data. 

You can utilize the Inventory reports for this specific use case. If you're on the Shopify plan or higher, then you can also provide them with a sales by product report. 

Trevor | Community Moderator @ Shopify 
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