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Hey guys I opened my website less than a week ago have 570 sessions but no sales. I was wondering if this was normal or if it typically takes a few weeks for first sale. Take a took at my website if you could and maybe tell me what you think needs improvement


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Hi @Smallworldpets 

I have visited your store and here are my suggestions. Hope they are helpful to you!


In general, your homepage looks clear and well-arranged. There are only a few things that you should improve it 

  • Make sticky navigation menu: The first thing you can improve is to make a sticky navigation menu so that visitors can easily go through important sections. The constant presence of the menu bar reminds users that other pages, ones they probably need, are also available
  • Add the CTA button on the banner: Your banner is quite attractive and perfectly describes your products. The hero banner plays important roles in igniting customers’ interest and curiousness about your business and products. Therefore, it is necessary to put a call to action button such as SHOP NOW or View more button to lead customers straight to specific product pages.
  • Activate Sticky cart: I recommend you to activate sticky cart on your website. This enhances the user experience and makes the checkout process simple and easy for them. Moreover, a sticky cart helps to increase the conversion rate by reducing cart abandonment. Try out this app Advanced Sticky Add To Cart for free

Product page

  • Testimonials/ Customer review: Adding testimonials on your product page will be a good way to build trust and credibility from new customers. The majority of buyers are concerned about whether the products they purchase online are as attractive and high-quality as they appear on the website. As a result, previous customer feedback might have a significant impact on a potential customer's buying decision.
  • Create Bundles: It seems like you have various types of products. It is a good condition to apply an effective cross-sell method which is product bundles. You can create many product bundles with discounts to appeal to customers. Most customers are willing to buy bundles to get a lower total price. Therefore, don't miss this chance to sell more products and increase your sales. App Product Bundle Volume Discount can help you create bundles at ease. 

That’s all my suggestions for your store. Hope they are helpful to you

Happy selling!



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Hi @Smallworldpets 

Thanks for sharing! Congratulations on your new store - I can see you have done a good job with setting up your store. I like how easy it is to navigate your store - moving from the homepage to checkout is very intuitive, which is a good thing. I also like that your store works well on mobile which is really good.

Here are some small details you can add to improve your store customer experience.

1. Make the header sticky - The header is what your customers use to navigate the store, so it is important that they can access it from any section of your store. Make the header sticky, so when your customers scroll down they can still use the header to navigate to other sections of your store without needing to scroll all the way up.

2. Add a Quickview button on the products on your collection pages: Having a Quickview button option on your collection page will make it easier for your customers to view more of your products. When they are able to easily preview and read the product details without going to the product page, they are more likely to view more products and which in turn can increase their chances of making a purchase.

Most themes already have a Quickview/Quickshop option, you can check for this on your theme customizer and enable it. Also, you can get the Quickview/Quickshop option for free with the Collections filter & Search bar by the Sobooster app.

3. Show Estimated Delivery Date and Shipping Date on the product page - Many customers don’t want to wait until checkout to know when they’ll receive their order, and showing the Estimated Delivery Date helps users to estimate when they can expect to receive their order. Add the delivery-date estimate, or delivery-date range, within the product page, it should be close to your "buy" button.

When viewing an estimated delivery day like “Standard Shipping — 4 business days. Get it by Sept 25”, Your customers will have more confidence to make the purchase.

4. Use color swatches to display product variants: This makes it easier for your customers to see all the available variants and also improves the aesthetics of the product page.


5. Engage with your customers and visitors - I will suggest adding a Live chat, you want to reach out to your visitors and show that you're ready to answer any question they might have. If you added a Live chat that launched after 60 seconds of someone landing on your store that asks, “How can I help you today?”. The idea here is to engage and show your visitors that you're available to answer their questions.

6. Getting your first couple of sales will always pose a challenge, but with the right effort in the right direction. You will start converting your traffic to sales in no time - They are a ton of useful resources on the Shopify blog and academy that can help you hone in on marketing. You can also check these articles Making your first sales in 30 days and How to Build and Launch a Profitable Store 

I think they are really insightful

I hope you get useful ideas from this going forward.

Best of luck and cheers!

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Hi, @Smallworldpets 

Thanks for reaching out in our Community forums and for sharing your store link, I would be happy to provide you with some feedback on your shop! 

Congratulations on starting your business! I understand that you have been recieving some traffic, but have not made any sales yet. Rest assured, this is normal and you will likely have to make some tweaks to your ads and store design to make your first conversion. I really enjoyed looking through your shop and products, it looks like you have a lot of great pet essentials for your customers. You have selected some great images for your homepage that do a fantastic job of letting the customer know what you are selling. While on the home page, I noticed that you have two very similar sections that promote your sale section:


This may be seen as redundant and you have the opportunity to add a whole new section to your homepage. For instance, you can add a featured product instead, which allows the customer to learn more about your type of products directly on the homepage. 

You did a great job on adding your home navigation  menu to include tabs like Shop, Contact us, and About us sections. This is important as it allows you to guide your customer to what you want them to do most. If you’d like to add more tabs to your menu, I recommend adding a FAQ and a store policy section to build more trust with your customers. 

I also noticed that your Shipping Policy is very short, this may discourage customers from making a purchase as this page should be very descriptive and professional. Rest assured, we have many templates available that you can tweak for your exact requirements. Feel free to check out our Shopify Blog on How to Create and Communicate Your Shipping Policy to learn more. 

Another great way to build your brand content is through introducing blogs to your store. Adding a blog can let you tell stories that convert visitors into customers, increase engagement and improve your store’s SEO. You can check out this resource on the How to Start a Blog to view a step-by-step guide on what content to write about. 

I’d love to know more about your business! Do you have any current marketing initiatives? 

Mac | Social Care @ Shopify 
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