Checkout page says "this page isnt working"

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Once i add an product to my cart and continue to go through to the checkout page. it says this page isnt working

i click checkout, this happens  - 



This is my first shopify store and its all still very new, so some guidance would be great! I havent messed with any code and im using a theme called debutify 3.0.3  

Thank you

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Hi @FelixSkinLab 

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Did you check out the status page of your store? You should check the status page for reported service outages. Please note that Sometimes specific services (Shopify admin, checkout, storefront, third-party services like payment gateways, etc.) of your online store may stop working and some outages may only affect online stores in a particular region. So be sure to log into your store on the status page and check for incidents.

Shopify Status – Shopify Server Status of a specific’s storeShopify Status – Shopify Server Status of a specific’s store

Useful resources:

Why your Shopify store has suddenly become unavailable

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Welcome to the community,


It is either your coding has an error or you have unlink the path to the checkout page.

I will need to see the theme coding