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We are trying to boost conversion for our online eyewear store. Any comments / feedback will be welcome.

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Hey @Nana_Osei,

Congratulations on the launch of your store! I've taken a look through and have some feedback for you.


First impression is great, everything looks very professional and trustworthy. I have a few recommendations but overall, great job!

Your filters option is slightly blocked by your message icon at the bottom right (viewing from desktop computer).


The other thing about your filters is that they appear to be auto-populated by tags, not words that were intentionally picked. You might consider adding filters such as brand names, women's, men's or etc. You can look at other professional eye glass stores for inspiration on organization and filters.


I find your prescription option a little confusing. I would highly recommend checking out and modelling their setup for the lenses:



You need to add in an estimated shipping time at checkout. For some people, shipping time can be a deal breaker so they won’t proceed with their purchase without that information.

I will leave it at that for now but if you would like to talk to us 1-1, we offer sessions where we take a look at your store, identify the greatest issues holding you back, then provide solutions and advice. If you would like to book a session, you can do so here:

We hope our response was helpful, if it was, let us know by giving us a thumbs up and/or marking it as a solution!

Best of luck!

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Hey there, @Nana_Osei!  

Welcome to Shopify! You’ve come to the right place. There is a plethora of great feedback here, and I can’t wait to dive in.

Right off the bat, your site looks clear. I like the overall vibe and look. It’s clean and professional looking, and you need to be proud of the work you’ve put in. Looking through your site, I found a few issues/concerns.

First, some minor design issues: 

Link your announcement bar
I like that it stands out, but it’s linked to your homepage. This isn’t really a good experience for someone. Instead, link to an all products collection if you have one. 

Add a CTA to your hero image
Since there’s no CTA button, you’re missing the opportunity here to engage with visitors. 

Evaluate your main navigation
I like simple navigation, but yours only appears to be simple. In reality, it’s almost limiting or confusing. For example, it would be easy to misunderstand that Lenses isn’t leading you to purchase - it’s educational. There needs to be some analysis here.

Watch some session recordings, which capture everything someone did on your website, to see how people move around the store. I would also suggest using a dynamic heatmap, which shows engagement on drop-downs, to see if people are understanding. 

Boost your collection pages
There are two things I suggest:

  1. Add filters for things like price, color, material, shape, etc. Make it easier for people to understand what they are buying. Things like spo-default or toronto mean nothing for new visitors. 
  2. Consider grouping them together. If I’m looking at the Aristotle “Gold Rosewood” Classic and the Aristotle “Gold Ebony” Classic, I would have to be on two different product pages to look at them. Instead, test consolidating them by design with color drop-down options.

Now,  there were some more critical issues I found too. 

Run a survey/poll
You need to evaluate what brings people to your site. Looking at your Facebook Ads, I see a lot of mentions of recycled materials sourced from West Africa or that you combine geometric-designed frames with wood and other sustainable materials. Then I see you feature Sezzle. 

Run a poll to find out what your visitors like about your brand or what drew them to your page. You may find that it’s something unexpected. Instead of focusing on what may draw traffic, you can instead highlight what your audience is interested in.

Streamline the ordering process
On the surface, the ordering process seems great. However, the process itself isn’t clear. If I need it for a prescription, when do I enter in my specific lens information? While the ordering process is enjoyable, it’s missing those crucial questions. 

You also need a little more information, like why the 1.67 high index is worth the $50 upgrade for lens material? Also, while on the Barklae Zebrawood product page, it mentions that it’s available in grey or brown yet there’s no option.

This is the biggest turn off for me, and I imagine it’s also confusing for your visitors. If I’m interested in a specific frame but don’t know how to get my lens prescriptions, I’m not going to try to find out how. I’m probably going to leave. 

Create actual shipping and refund pages
I understand why you created an FAQ, however it’s not a substitute for warranty, shipping, and return policy pages. Because your product line is so distinct and requires a lot of input from visitors, I would instead turn the FAQ into an ordering FAQ or product FAQ. 

Do you think visitors would get more from an FAQ that doubles as most of your policy pages or one that answers their questions about your products and the ordering process? 

I see you are using a visitor behavior tool, but it’s one that samples data. As a result, you may not be getting the full picture of what your visitors experience. You don’t want to miss any experiences, whether good or bad. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month.

I hope this helps! Good luck!

Cheers - Danny

I’m the co-founder of Lucky Orange, one of the top recommended Shopify apps to grow sales. More than 26,000+ merchants use our app and have left us more than 600 5-star reviews.

We’re also proud to be a Shopify Plus partner.

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Hi @Nana_Osei 

I'm Richard Nguyen, CRO Expert from the PageFly - Free Landing Page Builder. I would love to provide my recommendations for your store based on 5 years of providing solutions for more than 100.000 active Shopify merchants.

Your store looks nice and professional, I would love to have some suggestions below

1. Home page

1.1 Add the CTA button on the hero banner

Bôhten Eyeglasses - Vision Of Change – Bôhten Eyewear 2021-07-15 09-34-37.png

A primary call to action button is one of the important things for a home page of an online store.

With this button, you will redirect customers to the page you want them to take action mostly. It can redirect to a collection page, or a product page, etc. This really helps to increase the conversion rate for your store.

1.2 Show off featured products on the home page

Showing your store's collections on the home page is a good point, however, you should show some featured products of each collection and put CTA buttons for each product, like my Chloe template

Chloe – PageFly 2021-03-12 08-21-02.png


1.3 Add testimonial - customer reviews

You can show rating stars for each product or you can add customer reviews as text and photos.

I notice that you use the Yotpo app to show review widgets, you can still use it with PageFly pages because Yotpo integrates with PageFly already. 

2. Collection page

I take this page for example

2.1 Add a secondary hover image on each product image

I recommend you should add a secondary hover image. By adding secondary hover images on each product image, customers can see a different image of each product and this provides more information as a visual aspect for customers and this also helps them to compare different products in a collection. 

2.2 Use the Load more button instead of Pagination

Eyeglasses _ African-inspired eyewear _ Bôhten – Bôhten Eyewear 2021-07-15 09-40-45.png

Instead of switching to many pages, go and back, you can replace the pagination with a Load more button. Therefore, customers do not have to change too many pages to see all products, they can press the Load more button to see all products on 1 page. This helps customers easily compare many products and see the wide range of your collection.

3. Product page

I take this page for example

3.1 Add more images of the human model

You can add images of the human model taking the product so customers can approximate the information such as length, overall fit.

To approximate the information such as overall fit, how it looks on their body, you need to provide images of the product being worn on a human model because if some of the customers take a lot of time to think about how the products on their bodies, they can stop buying and find other websites.

3.2 Provide a list of Recently viewed items

Many customers want to view previous items. If it’s too difficult to view again previous items, they will likely frustrated, and may not purchase anymore.

=> What helps you to build your store more easily, especially what helps you to build all options I comment on above is a page builder.

It would be a good choice for you to have professional sites that look incredible on mobile & desktop without any extra coding, and you will have lots more time focusing on marketing strategies, so you can consider checking PageFly.

If you feel my answer helpful, like it or give it a thumb up. Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers!

Richard, PageFly!

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Hi @Nana_Osei,

nice work on your store. I think you already have some useful comments in a number of areas, so I'll focus on the product page.

I clicked on a product at random:

Two key observations on the product page:

Your product recommendations are not very related to the product being viewed (different style etc). I would suggest using an app like Frankie which uses visual AI to ensure high relevancy product recommendations (it also has a 30-day money-back guarantee)

My other suggestion is around the order of the sections and layout of your glasses dimensions could be improved to reduce confusion.

I think re-ordering the sections on the product page would be an improvement:

  1. Product image
  2. product details & fit
  3. measurement guide
  4. can't decide (not sure about image). Does two pairs of glasses suggest indecision?
  5. Review details
  6. Alternative Recommendations

I'd suggest:

  1. Product image
  2. product details & fit
  3. measurement guide
  4. Alternative Recommendations
  5. can't decide (with a new image).
  6. Review details


Which of these two is less confusing?



If you feel my answer helpful, like it or give it a thumb up. Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers!

Tom @ Frankie


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Hey @Nana_OseiThis is AiTrillion- an All-in-one Marketing Platform on Shopify. We are happy to help more than 100k+ Shopify merchants and would love to provide a solution to your questions. I've taken a look at your store, and your store's overall appearance is visually appealing and must say you worked hard to make it live. 

Some good points:

  • easy to navigate
  • great layout
  • appealing design.

- Add a call to action button on the banner image of the homepage. 


- On the homepage, add a section of trending and new arrivals products so customers can have a look at your trends and new products. Customers are much interested in trendy and new collections. 

- You should add a call to action button on the announcement bar so customers take an action on it. 

You should add a loyalty rewards program to your store. You can give loyalty points to your customers on activities like on signing up, leaving a review, allowing for push notification, visiting a store, on birthdays, on first purchase, follow/ share on social media. This will help you to entice customers and will increase the number of push subscribers, email subscribers. This will also help you in collecting the review. You can send an in-email review form to your customers. This can be sent automatically.

Integration of loyalty rewards program with web push notification, review, email marketing, and full automation results in wonders for the eCommerce stores. It will help you in increasing conversions and sales in your store and retain the customers for the long term.

- Run email campaigns targeting the customers on the basis of the customer's behavior. 


To add the above marketing engagement tools there are many apps available in the Shopify app store. Instead of installing multiple apps, you can install the all-in-one Shopify app AiTrillion and get all the benefits of marketing features in a single app. 

P.S- Free plan available.

Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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