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Ive been running ads on Facebook for couple of days now and I have around 250 store visitors per day. But none are buying. I am new to dropshipping so any advice and opinion would really help me. 
Thank you for your answers.

link  to store : 

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Hey there, @tumifannar


That’s very frustrating, especially when you’re paying money for those ads. Here are some things I’ve found that may help: 


  • Make your top navigation more visible by letting it stick to the top of the page as users scroll. This will encourage them to dive into your website.
  • As you’ve prioritized the “Flash sale” at the top of the page, consider linking this so something in the store. If the sale is for all items or specific categories, consider mentioning that in the banner.
  • If you’re getting traffic but no conversions, consider watching session recordings to see how people are engaging with your menu and hero section. If people aren’t clicking on the hero section CTA, you may benefit from removing it since it’s such a high-value spot on the page.
  • You’ve got quite a bit of information on your home page. Consider viewing a scroll heatmap to see how far down the page people are scrolling. This could indicate that a shorter home page more focused on getting people into product categories might convert better.
  • Your navigation bar seems like it could be simplified. That majority of people won’t need to access your privacy, refund or shipping policies or your terms of service. Check out a click heatmap to see if people are engaging with these items or if you’re safe to move them to the footer only.
  • Are people reading your product descriptions? Watch session recordings to see if people are hovering over those text blocks (like “Goes With Everything”). If they are, consider writing unique copy for each product instead of reusing the same ones.
  • Adjust your social footer links to open in a new tab. Otherwise you’re inviting people to leave your page for their social app. Even though they’ll be on your brand’s social account, they’re further away from converting.
  • Consider removing site search until you have a more extensive product catalog.
  • The prices listed on your Catalog page are the lowest option available for each product but when you click into the product page, a few of them default to a higher price. This might be confusing for potential customers.
  • With jewelry, people often want to know if things are real, high-quality, where they come from, etc. Consider including more about these types of things on product pages (or even on the home page to build rapport) to increase brand trust with potential customers.

I’d be happy to give you some deeper insights using heatmaps if you were interested in setting up a free trial of Lucky Orange. Just tag me in a reply in this post after you’ve added Lucky Orange to your store. I’ll take a look at the visitor behavior insights Lucky Orange is showing specific to your store and give you a few actionable ideas you could use to boost your conversions. 


I hope this helps! Good luck! And don’t forget to @ me in this post when you have Lucky Orange installed. If you need any help at all, don’t hesitate to ask. 


Cheers - Danny

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Hi @tumifannar 


If you have traffic ( 250 store visitors per day) but no conversions, it could mean that visitors don't find your store reliable enough to make a purchase. I would recommend you to focus on CUSTOMER TRUST and Social PROOF. Here are some suggestions that you can work on. I hope it would help.


  • Testimonials / Reviews

 I strongly advise adding testimonials/reviews to products for building customer trust and social proof. Testimonials have the ability to increase the confidence of new consumers, something essential to reduce rebound rates and abandonment of shopping carts. Let your customers leave fsta photo or text review and be reminded whenever you prefer. Collected reviews can be demonstrated through Review Tab / Widget. Example:






  • Add more sections

Add more sections to your homepage. For example: New Arrivals, Featured Collection, Reviews, Blog, Rewards, etc.


  • Add more products

I have also found that there are only a few products in your store, try adding more products so that your customers will have a lot of options to select from. Providing more products  can increase your Average Order Value.


  • About Us section

Low conversions can be resulted by lack of customer trust.  Add more information to About Us section regarding your business, founders, and processes for customer trust. Showing your store visitors that you are real by putting your information, team or working process photos will add credibility to your store.


  • Loyalty and Reward program 

It allows you to strengthen the customer relationship, increase repeat purchases and turn your customers into loyal advocates. You can include 1. collecting points and 2. referral programs. POINTS: Motivate customers to spend more by rewarding them with points for leaving reviews, following on social media accounts, birthday gifts on their special days, etc. 

REFERRAL PROGRAM: Attach referral links for your customers to share your products with friends and get rewarded for that. Once you got your first clients, try to attract more orders through existing ones. Through a referral program, you encourage your customers to help grow your brand community.


  • Add Favicon

Favicon adds legitimacy to your website and helps boost your online branding as well as trust from potential consumers. Favicons are an immediate visual marker for the website which enables easy and quick identification for webpage visitors especially when a lot of tabs are open.


Screenshot 2022-05-06 at 11.47.56.png


I hope it will help you. Also, you can test  Growave for free during trial period to check whether it works for you. Efficient features such as Reviews, Wishlist, Rewards & Loyalty, Social Login, a shoppable Instagram gallery on Shopify store, Gift Cards, etc under one dashboard.


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Hello @tumifannar 

Have your store conversion rate improve..

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Hi @tumifannar

There are some great suggestions in this thread, but figuring out what gets a customer to convert is ultimately a process of constantly improving the entire customer experience and not some growth hack. 


I would recommend you start by breaking this down by key pages: homepage, product pages, collection page, and checkout experience. 


  • For a jewelry store like yours, you need to have high quality images and videos. Give people an idea of what it would be like to wear your jewelry. For example, if you have premium packing, show the entire experience off using a gif.
  • Test different CTAs that are more personable. Instead of 'Add to cart', try things like 'Add my jewelry to cart"
  • Use exit intent popups. This will help you recover dollars and build relationships with additional customers through email. Test a discount offer with visitors abandoning your cart page.
  • Showcase social proof in a engaging way. Do you have any video testimonials? There are Shopify plugins that help you showcase when other customers purchase have just purchased from you. This will help you increase trust with new visitors.
  • Optimize your product page layout. Make sure information hierarchy makes sense, images are clear, and copy is laid out in a user-friendly way (particularly on mobile). Looking at inspiration across the top ecommerce companies like Nike and Allbirds.
  • Outside of website optimization, think about the entire customer journey as a whole from awareness to loyalty and make sure it is delightful across the board.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


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