Core Code Error - how do I report?

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Hello Shopify,


I have been trying to find a way to have a sequential, timeline blog - which I can force using publish date.


However, in working on this I discovered two core coding issues:

  1. Continue Reading: The 'continue reading' area DOES NOT display on mobile web unless a picture is added to the blog.  There should not need to be a picture. 
    • REQUEST: please update the code so that a picture is not required.
  2. NEXT: in mobile web, there is a 'next' banner that appears at the top.  Very nice functionality, except in a sequential, timeline blog it goes backwards (i.e. to what the system thinks is a newer article -vs- to the next one 'down' in the sequential, timeline list).  
    • REQUEST: please make this banner available in the UI in the editor, make it optional to have as an on/off toggle, -or- (and this is the option I would request) allow the blog creator to select either a forward or backward in terms of which article is next.


Thank you!

~ Ekho
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