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Could someone help me figure out whats going on with my Shopify store.

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I'm getting absolutely awful pagespeed reports and I just can't seem to figure it out. I only have the default apps for tracking pixels mainly.  Apps installed are:


Beans: Reward, Referral, Email


Customer Privacy




Order Printer

Outfy - Automate Social Media

Product Reviews

Shopify Email

Snapchat Ads

Yext Product Catalog Sync


Minimize main-thread work 7.3 s is a issue I can't figure out mainly.  is the website.

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Hi @Xur,


When it comes to site speed, please note that there are several factors impacting your online store speed, some of which you can control, others you cannot.

Factors you can't control

  • Your customer's device, network, and location

  • Shopify infrastructure

  • Content delivery network (CDN)

  • Local browser cache

  • Server-side page cache

  • The assets inside the content_for_header Liquid tag

Factors you can control

  • Unnecessary Apps

When you add apps to change the functionality or appearance of your online store, they add code into the theme so they can run. Some code can be removed or reordered to improve your online store's performance. If you're not using an app, then you can remove it.


  • Themes

Themes are made up of Liquid, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. When you edit or customize themes, file sizes can increase and affect your store speed.


  • Complex or inefficient Liquid code

You can edit almost all of the Liquid that is used to render your store. There are efficient and inefficient ways of writing Liquid code. Doing complex operations repeatedly can increase your Liquid render time, which impacts your overall store speed.


  • Images and videos

High-resolution images usually require large files and therefore slow down page loading times.


  • Fonts

If you use a font that does not yet exist on your customer's computer, then the font has to be downloaded before your text can be displayed.


I suggest you try AVADA SEO Suite which has great features that can help you with improving site speed such as Image Optimization, Speed Up, Lazy Loading, and Minification (removes unnecessary information from the source code)


You can also refer to this Shopify post about Improving Speed.


I hope my answer can help you achieve your goals.

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Most stores we work on (have optimized 1500+ shopify sites) have extra app code loading, that's where I would start.


I would do this:

1) Look for old app code and remove it (on a backup theme of course so you can preview first). You'll find most of old app code by reading theme.liquid file. Sometimes code is in other files but if you're doing it yourself to keep it easy start there, then if you want you can check product.liquid, collection.liquid, cart.liquid.


2) Now run your site through the Shopify Analyzer. This is a performance analysis tool built specifically for Shopify sites. I'm not sure what tool you're using but if it's a general tool it may not be geared well for ecommerce sites that utilize engaging features to increase conversions.


3) Now you can move on to more advanced tactics like conditionally loading apps, lazy loading apps, and preloading. For details app optimization techniques (for steps #1 and #3) see our App Optimization Guide for Shopify.


For preloading, this guide will show you how. Preloading will get you faster page to page navigation by preloading key resources that are likely to be used when the user clicks to the next page.


That Shopify Analyzer tool I mentioned is free, we built it for the community. It has links to guides to solve the issues but if you prefer to hire an expert feel free to reach out at

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 Hi @Xur 

This is PageFly - Landing Page Builder. I would love to provide my recommendations for your store based on 6 years of providing solutions for about 100.000 active Shopify merchants.


I quickly run speed analysis on your store home page and it weighs 4.34MB, which is okay, if you can push it under 4MB, it would be better. But your store is definitely not the worst, I've seen 20MB and more.


From the test, I used the tool of Speedboostr (who also answered you before ;), and see that image size is the main reason that weighs your page down. You can compress them by using image optimization tools on Shopify app store or maybe this free tool (I usually use it too) (it compresses the images without destroying the image quality).


Based on what I understand, your business requires high quality images, and sometimes we need to find the balance between page speed and the visuality. On my own experience, I open your store on my phone and it wasn't slow at all. My own experience is good, I didn't witness any long delay to see your store content.


Other option would be applying lazy loading (delaying load or initialization of resources or objects until they're actually needed) for your pages. I think you can find some tutorials by searching it on the Internet. Or you can use Page Builder like PageFly (we have lazy loading options for any page you build with us, just 1-click to enable).


If you are interested more on optimizing page speed, we have a detailed guide from CTOs here.


Not really related to page speed, I just want to recommend adding urgency effect to get more sales because you are clearly running some discounts. Check these ideas to find some and apply to your store 😉


I hope my recommendations will be beneficial for you, if you find it helpful, you can give it a thumbs up!



If you find it helpful, please let me know by giving it a like or marking it as a solution.

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