Debutify 2.0.2 Header Logo Clarity Issues

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Hi, I recently designed a logo for my store. The theme I am using is Debutify 2.0.2. The issue I am having is the clarity of my logo when uploading to the header section of the website. My logo is 5555 x 2136, yet it still isn't crystal clear on my store. I even tried using a 1920 x 1081 version of my logo and it was still blurry. I tried both the PNG and JPG files of my logo yet the same results. The Debutify support told me to just remove the transparent header, yet it's still blurry. This is extremely frustrating. If anyone can help me with this, I would truly appreciate it. 

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I have done a ton of research on this and still havn't fixed it. Have you figured it out?