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Hi Guys,

Would love you to take a look at our e-commerce platform, and will be happy to get any constructive feedback when it comes to the design as well as SEO.

Anything we can improve?

Any errors we seemed to have overlooked?

Appreciate your support.


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Hi @TheCBDHaven_com 

- It's very nice to realize what your store is selling right after I landed on the page, and to see many categories that are displayed on Home page. They are good navigation. The paragraph under the heading does great job as well. It explains your wide variety of products.

However, it contains too many words that aren't easy for visitors to scan (I think you do that for SEO reason but your blogs can do the job too). Also, since you already tells about the key benefits (Free shipping and promote code) from the announcement bar, there's no need to tell them in the text, you can delete them. Your visitors may not realize those offers anyway because of the heavy block of text.


- Try another image for the Best sellers: there're 2 images that repeat each other, also the image isn't a good image background because there're text on it and drive the attention of visitors away from the main heading 'BEST SELLERS' and the CTA 'View all'


- Reduce the word count in 3 sections: use bullet points or accordion (with accordion, you can still keep all the text but the part more skimmable)



- Collection page: adjust the spacing, also remove the 2nd heading as it's repeated


- Product page: I'd suggest you add more image to your products as most of them have only 1-2 images. Some shoppers heavily rely on product images to inspect, evaluate, and decide if the product match what they are seeking, so if you can provide 2 more images, it'd be nice. 

They can be an image of the product 'in scale' with another items (so your store visitors can evaluate the size), an image of the certification / ingredients / packaging, etc

You can add reviews and ratings to the product and product list as well to guide indecisive shoppers and increase trust for your store.

- Blog list page: the feature image of each blog is rather big and low quality, which isn't good for brand credibility. You can still use high quality image and run them through image optimizing tools to reduce the image size (not slow down your page). I have some recommendations here if you are interested in.

- Blog page: From my personal experience, too many hyperlinks are overwhelming and confusing. So I'd suggest you reduce the number of links you add in a page and have a clear CTA. 

I think with reference article, just put them at the end of the blog as references

You can also add a Product list or Collection list under a blog post: highly visible products can generate more clicks.


I hope those ideas can be useful for you. If they are, please give me a 'like'

Thank you very much in advance and I wish you the best of luck!


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Appreciate the detailed, well thought out feedback! Will review and take into consideration!!