Desktop and Mobile Design for my website, with the theme of Bixbang

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Hi everyone, 

My name is Alex and I am the owner of Get Click Buy. I was wondering if I could get a second round of feedback for my store. I remember sending a thread some time ago regarding my store and did the best to my knowledge to fix any mistakes on my site. I was hoping to know what else I can improve upon. the site's URL is 

I know for one thing I have to fix is the mobile design for my site since it does not entirely match the desktop version of my theme. As shown in these two screenshots I took from my customized tab. If anyone has the Bixbang theme from the site elements. Please let me know how I can manage to fix this. Also if anyone has any SEO ideas I should consider and Page Speed. I feel like my site is getting close as I do have website visits but just shy to becoming very automated and easy for the customer to use. I appreciate any feedback on this. Thank you and hope your day is well. 








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