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Do I need to upgrade from Debut + Overcoming objections

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Starting selling on Shopify since August and had good success over the winter period and as I've begun to optimise everything from inventory selection to the website.

However, I don't get too much feedback on the general shopping journey, so  would appreciate some here!

Main things I'm thining about:

  • General shopping experience - mobile please! 90%+ of traffic comes from mobile for me.
  • Enough info on product pre-purchase - overcoming objections?
  • Theme - I'm using Debut it's basic and done okay so far, but would an updated theme payoff?
  • Any other comments welcome.


Thanks for your help! 🙂

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Hello @MSOBallard 

Hope you are doing well.

First of all congratulations on your success over the winter period.

I just went through your store's website. And I really find it very cool. Honestly! Both the desktop and mobile versions give a rich and friendly user experience. However, the main point here is that you can't rely on the Shopify free theme forever. 

Your business can grow very rapidly because you've already caught the attention of people. Now is the time to retain them. 

Your website needs some modifications. You need to make it look more professional because there are many other stores out there in the same niche as yours with much better websites. And trust me, it's a really important part of the business to have a professional-looking website.

If you don't want to spend much money on buying premium themes for your store, you can contact us. I think my team will be more than happy to help you out in designing a new website for you. We also provide several other services at a very reasonable price. (Lot lesser than the cost of one premium theme). Kindly contact us for more assistance.


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