Do Shopify CLI Tools Need to be Used for Functions in Custom Setups?

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A quick query regarding Shopify Functions is needed. Do we require Shopify CLI applications to utilize Shopify Functions? There is not a single page that demonstrates how to do it, despite all tutorials and documentation saying that we can use any language (Convert to web assembly) and any setup. Our app, which was not created using the Shopify CLI, is already live on Shopify, and we want to add discount features.

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To use Shopify Functions, you don't necessarily need to use the Shopify CLI. You can write your functions in any language that can be compiled to WebAssembly, such as Rust, C++, or AssemblyScript. However, you will need to have a way to deploy your functions and manage their lifecycle, which can be done through tools like AWS Lambda or Google Cloud Functions.


If your app is already live on Shopify and you want to add discount features using Shopify Functions, you can do so by following the documentation provided by Shopify. You will need to set up a development environment, write your functions in a compatible language, and then deploy them to a serverless platform.