editing orders in multiple currencies

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I recently found out that editing orders in multiple currencies is not possible. This is a problem for multiple markets in shopify plus. For example if I get a short shipment, and want to remove an item, change a size ,etc - its now impossible. I feel like that is a recent change??  What would happen on Markets Pro if thats the case now?


in the FAQ SECTION: 

SOURCE: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/orders/edit-orders#edit-an-order

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This is super frustrating for us, too. We don't want to have to cancel every international order because a customer wants a different size. Also curious if Markets Pro would help but I don't think it will?

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Hi @rfrench  and @amandaatremix 


I am not sure Market Pro would fix that; let me ask if you could encourage international customers to get in touch before they order so you can confirm the stock, etc. would that be of help?


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