Error with SEO and keywords??

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Hi Guys, 


Our website is


Currently we have 2311 products all with written descriptions, collection pages with content, many other pages/blogs with keywords and more written content. 


But SEMrush are saying we are ranking with 372 organic keywords? How??? 


Surely each product page should be ranking with a few different keywords each, as they all have a meta description and written content? If this isn't the case how do we increase this?

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Hi @thehomeofgifts ,

it's is not true that all of your products are ranking on search engines. Just the rest of them.

SEO has many tasks to do:

On-Page SEO through strategic keyword optimization in meta tags and content
Technical SEO to ensure that search engines can find your site effectively
Local SEO to drive local organic traffic (if you have one available)
Content marketing to drive additional organic visitors.
Link building to enhance the authority of your website.

Read more here: 8 EASY steps of SHOPIFY SEO optimization to TOP 1

These factors have a close relationship. When they are great your site is ranking on Search engines with more keywords.

As you know, many tasks to handle, right? To reduce tasks, I read from an article, Shopify has many SEO apps to help (This SEO app I use 1 year:

In addition, You should add reviews for each product (some Shopify review apps can help) - And don't forget to add JSON LD to your site to display your reviews on Google search by the SEO app above. 




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Thank you and have a nice work!!!
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Hi thehomeofgifts

Result of SEO is a long process. You should be continuously applying them and check validity of your result.

Continue to optimized your contents with keywords to check your results.

I also suggest to check solutions that helps you with store management and eventually gain customer satisfaction and able to sell more.

Let me know if you need help. You may also check links on our valuable apps that provide real-time solutions

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I understand, but thousands of products got put on the store in April 2020 at once, with product descriptions of 500 words, titles, meta descriptions etc. You can’t say time is the issue when its been well over a year for these pages to get ranked with keywords etc. That goes the same for collection pages with a lot of written content. But after that, it’s still only saying we have 370 keywords.

My point is proposing there is a glitch with how you track keywords, as we should be ranking under a lot more?