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Exporting orders on a CSV file > need an actual sample CSV file for evaluting POS integration

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Hi, Shopify community, 

We're setting up an online store in the Philippines, so we're quite eager to register all our sales on a govt-accredited POS system. However, we seem to be looking at manually encoding each and every sale to be able to generate invoice/official receipt. 

We need to explore if bulk upload can be done (order report exported in CSV or any other format) to the POS, sp we desperately need help to get a sample of the export CSV that Shopify generates. This will help our POS specialists to evaluate. If you have a sample export generated by one of the export apps, that will be helpful, too. 

Anyone who can help? Much appreciated.

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we have an application for automating this whole process for you, without any manual activity.

are you interested?

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