Facebook Commerce Eligibility Requirements

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Hi Everyone!

I am trying to enable Instagram shopping for robinlabb.com's catalog, but a product was flagged by Facebook Commerce for violating the Commerce Eligibility Requirements. At first, I appealed the decision because I wasn't sure what the issue was and the store was rejected. I then realized what the issue was, fixed the product to ensure compliance with the requirements and now I can't appeal again! 

Does anyone know if I will be able to re-appeal and get Facebook to recognize that the issue has been fixed? Otherwise, how can I get in touch with Facebook to get someone to reverse the ruling? It has been a week now and I would like to get this store linked to their Instagram as soon as possible. Thanks for your help!

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Hello. I hope my email finds you well. I have faced with the same problem and I am curious how did you resolve this issue. 

Thanks for your reply. 

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I am experiencing the same issue. Between getting my shopify catalog to sync properly, facebooks opaque review process, and the total lack of official support from facebook, this is an incredibly frustrating situation.