Feature Request: Unique photos for collection lists

Feature Request: Unique photos for collection lists

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When using the "Collection List" section for the store, I need an option to not show the same product in any of the options. I have a lot of products that cross over in multiple collections.

This could be a away of selecting a "Hero" for that collection or just a "No Duplicate Images" checkbox. Optimally I would like to see both options added.

Thank you for your time.



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@HeartForgeSols to prevent the same product from appearing in multiple collections on your Shopify store using the "Collection List" section, custom coding is required. Implementing a "No Duplicate Images" feature or a "Hero Product" selection involves modifying the Liquid code of your theme. This task can be quite complex, as it requires logic to track and exclude products already shown in other collections. Adding both features for optimal flexibility would further increase the complexity.


If you're not experienced with Liquid and Shopify theme development, it would be advisable to consult with a Shopify developer or expert who can tailor these functionalities to your specific needs.

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