Featured Collection image does not show up in my navigation

Featured Collection image does not show up in my navigation

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hello y'all, I have ran into an issue.


I have recently created a new collection that includes some special products. Everything works fine, and the collection name is displayed in the navigation under "products"; except for the featured image. All of my other collections have their images and descriptions, except for the newest one I created.


I have tried resizing the image according to Shopify's sizing charts, but it still does not appear when I hover over my product nav.



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Anyone who knows how to fix it? I am using the Dawn Theme

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Hi @Minais , 

To solve that issue with missing featured image, try following these steps: 

  • Make sure your image meets Shopify's size and format guidelines
  • Set a featured imaged for the Collection (in Collection Settings)
  • Check your navigation settings and also enable Show collection image on hover

If the problem persists, contact Shopify support for further assistance. They will be able to troubelshoot and resolve your issue.

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hi! as stated before, I have already adjusted the image to make sure that it fits shopify's size and format guidelines.


the image I am having issues with is the featured image for the Collection, which I have set.


I think the final option is what I need to do, however I don't want the image to appear when I hover over the collection with my mouse, but rather when I hover over the overall "Produkter", just like the others (see screnshot).