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Feed Back for Shopify Platform

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 If the local Market channel of face book, 'Market Place' is assessable through Shopify, that we can place products of shopify on the market place directly through shopify's platform on the local market place of face book, then it might be thought there will be a a huge traffic of products on the market place if all the shopify products are placed.

So, if a seperate channel (space allocated for shopify on the face book market place,) as advertised products 'Product through Shopify,' or Shopify 's market place or the individual store owner space on the market place, which distinguishes the face book market place with shopify's to place ads for local face book markets, then it might be an additional channel for shopify on the market place.

The face book market place is limited for only local areas , but if the options are provided on the market place for advertising to the other extended areas more than 100 km or provincially or country wise then benefits to advertised in the global context may be achieved by setting up targeting of cities, countries or localities. e.g I live in surrey I want to target Calgary province, city wise and then locality wise if needed; then it provides broader market.

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