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I have Started a jewelry website, consisting of all kinds of jewelry, hip-hop, 10k, 14k, diamond, silver. I am really aggressive with my marketing, I bought emails leads from a marketing company. and I have also provided a variety of payment options, in00cluding financing. but my conversion rate is zero, even though I have 50 to 60 visitors each day, people are also signing up and subscribing. but no sales.

If anybody has views for me to improve my store please any help would be appreciated



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I don't think 60 people a day is aggressive marketing I regularly get over 1,000 people a day, and I average about 50 orders per day.. You are selling some relatively high-end products and your site would not give me the confidence to buy,  As soon as I hit your front page I noticed the first hero image I saw was not clean and crips it was like the photo has been blown up and lost its sharpness. 

A lot of your product write up's are poor, they don't draw you in, in fact of several products I looked at some didn't even have any description.  You also have several empty categories, if you have nothing to sell take them off.  This circle cursor appears with a cross on it when I hover over pictures Why? - You need to scroll to close the pictures why is there no "X" you have no shipping policy - I still don't know how long it would take me to get my items if I ordered something.

In reality, the sad fact is the site lacks a lot of attention to detail. I'm not surprised you haven't made any sales. 

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Hi @dripbros , 

My name is Richard - CRO Expert at PageFly Free Page Builder. I have spent time to look at your store and leave some constructive comments. Hope that will give you some useful ideas for you.

I see you have put much effort into the business. Store theme is clear enough and good fits with the products you are selling. You also have great design for your logo and I appreciate it. 
However, I believe things I mention bellow will help you to positively affect your sale volume. 

1. Homepage

a. With high-end products as jewelry, a profressional appearance is crucial to build customer trust
before they make final purchasing decisions. All product images, banners on slideshow need to be in high quality. Some banners on slideshow is not eye-catching enough, some of them even appear blurry and indistinct.
Besides, the banner with promotion text should be on top of the list, and it's much better if you have a CTA button on it

(low-quality image)

(Text is cut-off, lack of CTA button, promotion banner need to be on top of the list)

b. Please remove empty categories out of your first navigation menu. You'd not want your customers get out of your store after clicking an empty categories at their very first visit.


2. Collection page

a. Focuss more about product image. 
I see that you already have hover effects on product images, but it needs more than 3 images on different angles to persuade your customers, especially with products that costs hundreds dollars.

Show them more product images, not a package.

b. That's so strange that when I click on Men's collection, I'm directed to all product list. 


3. Product page. I think you should add on the product detail some more information about quality assurancewarranty policysize guide, estimated delivery time within the country or city, etc. These information is greatly influential on sales of high-end products.


I hope these recommendations will help. Just spend more time to test the users' action flow on your store, I believe you will find more ideas by your own.
The last thing, I recommend you to check out more latest tips to boost sales in this guide.  

If you find it difficult to make changes to your storefront, you may want to take a look at PageFly - this app helps you to build up store with no coding skill required, free subscription plan and 24/7 support.

If you find my suggestion helpful to you, please hit Like

Thank you. Have a nice day then!

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Hi @dripbros !

Implement an opportunity to log in and sign up using Social Media account. We all have accounts at least in one social media. And if I have an opportunity to create an account just with one click, I will do it. having an easier way to Sign in will help you gather customer base. The most valuable thing for a company is the customer.

The items in your store are more on an expensive side, therefore I recommend giving back to your customers by rewarding them with free shipping, discounts, and other goodies for spending a certain amount of money on your site. That way,  letting your customers know that you care about them.

90% of people read reviews before purchasing an item. I personally do not read the description too much, I go straight on to the reviews section because that is social proof. In my opinion that is essential for every site. I highly recommend (almost insist) and adding that feature on your site. You can use Growave for that, it offers automated emails within the Reviews feature as well. 

 Homepage designs guides your visitors around your website. To engage visitors you need to work on homepage layout design.  Include trust indicators on the homepage. Homepage content should be strategically decided.

If your website is credible, you’ll be able to generate more site traffic. One of the best ways to gain credibility is to leverage your relationships with influencers. You can approach this tactic in many different ways. If you have the means, you can use celebrities to promote your brand.That’s because these people are already known and trusted. Working with a celebrity shows your brand is legitimate. The problem is it’s obvious to consumers these celebrities are getting paid to pitch your products or services. As an alternative solution, you can use micro-influencers. One of the top reasons why I’m an advocate for using micro-influencers is because they have high engagement rates with their followers.

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Hi @dripbros welcome to Shopify community 

Hope your business is going well during these difficult times. I checked your store website, and I have a few tips and feedback I'd like to share,

1. Build confidence by using social proof: Social proof comes in many forms. They can be reviews, trust badges, customer testimonials, videos, ratings, etc. Customers are more likely to trust you when you have social proofs that establish you’re a reputable brand other people are already buying from.

------> Reviews: Get more reviews in your products, this is for shoppers to gain some confidence in buying from your store. To know more about how to ask for reviews politely, you can read it here.

------>Add trust badges and trust seals: One of the easiest things you can do to make your e-commerce site more trustworthy is to add trust badges, this will make them feel more comfortable making a purchase. You can read about it here

2. Show off the products: People tend to rely on engaging visuals to help drive their purchases. Since online buyers do not have the option to experience your products in-person, it's important to draw them in with great product photos, and right now your images are of low-res and small. More on visual cues that can help make your store a better shopping experience can be read here.

3. Send abandoned cart emails: If you have lots of traffic and little sales due to abandoned carts so you can get lost revenue using abandonment email campaigns. There are many Automated tools for abandoned carts. They can help you increase sales and re-engage visitors to your site who have left. You can also send promotional emails to your subscriber's list.

4. Adding product stickers/trust badges can help increase your sales by tapping into powerful psychological triggers such as scarcity, social proof, and urgency. Also having graphic and personalized stickers on products will help grab attention of customers easily and nudge them to purchase.

5. Shopify store owners made sales worth over $2.9 Billion during BFCM 2019. This year according to a Google report, "People will discover and buy online even more" and most of them will shop at local, small businesses. It’s past time to prepare your Shopify store for the biggest shopping weekend in the United States!

Now this year may not be exactly the same. Customer priorities and buying behavior has changed SIGNIFICANTLY this year, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read more in our blog here to get a complete rundown of how to Increase Black Friday Cyber Monday Sales with Your Shopify Store Experience.

I hope this helps!


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Hello @dripbros, I hope you are doing well! the store looks great. That's great you are doing aggressive marketing. Still, if you don't have any sales. Below are a few suggestions you can try and implement: 

- Make sure to enable automatic workflow emails/push for abandoned cart, win back old customers, welcome email, purchase follow-up, or browse abandoned customers.

- Add a web push notification - It turns visitors into subscribers and subscribers into customers. It’s a powerful and effective marketing tool adopted by online businesses to reach out to and interact with their audience, keep them updated about any important information, announcing sales and offers, and eventually driving more eCommerce conversions.

- You can add an affiliate marketing program to increase your influencers and it will help to increase sellers.

- Add a referral program. A referral program can help optimize your sales cycle, help you produce quality leads, and take your marketing efforts up a notch. People are more like to make a purchase when a product is referred by any friend. You can boost your marketing ROI and drive conversions with referral marketing.


Hope this Helps! 

Moreover, I suggest trying out the 'All in one' Shopify app AiTrillion, a full-fledged marketing solution. It will help you to capture visitors coming to your store and will help in getting more conversions. 

I am also happy to assist you in setting up the above features in your store. Looking forward to your reply soon.

Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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Hi @dripbros 

In the times of BFCM, I think establishing social proof and engaging the customer within the store holds the key to reduce cart abandonment and store exits. In order to convert these 50 to 60 potential visitors into paying customers, I would suggest playing on their psychology by showing recent sales notifications, live traffic on your store counter, stock countdowns, and offer them discount codes through an interactivity game. 

I can recommend you to integrate the Wheelify app. It's a free app that will allow you to fire an exit intent pop-up whenever a user intends to quit the store or abandoning your cart. You can collect his email id and engage him in a spin a sale interactive game to earn a discount code. This will help in your conversions.

For establishing social proof, I'd recommend integrating Sales Pop up - Conversion Pro that will allow you to show recent sales notifications and you can run a stock countdown timer to play on the psyche and use a FOMO (fear of missing out technique). This goes for your BFCM sales.

As a long term strategy, always monitor your cart abandonment rate and keep collecting email ids so that you can retarget your potential customers through email campaigns. Start a blog page and share content revolving around your niche. This will help your SEO. 

As far as Store presentation is concerned, here is my feedback.

The font used is a bit less readable. Try to have a more clear and readable font that should look elegant as well.


The logo on the top of the homepage is also less clear and a call to action button is missing on the banner.


If you have a BFCM offer, make sure to highlight the coupon code right there on the top of the homepage banner prominently. For social media platforms, use the power of video by coming on Facebook live and announce the new offers, news related to your niche, and any news that can excite the fanbase. Hope the feedback helps 🙂 



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