Feedback for my Store, which apparantly violate the Google Policies -Merchant Center is suspended

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Hello, guys and gals. 

My google merchant center was suspended due to "Misrepresentation". I've added some pages, removed the things I doubted were the reason for suspension and now Google sent me e-mail that "Google Merchant Center account doesn't comply with our Program Policies". So again the suspencion persist and I don't know what to do.
i would appreciate any help! Here is the site -
Is there anything at fisrt glance that strikes you as the possible reason?
Things, that might be important details:
1. I have an iPlum number, that is active ONLY for US and Canadian numbers - that is the region I am targeting - if you call it from antoher country, you will be unable to execute the call. / but all my possible customers would be from the US/
2. I am currently situated in Europe, my bank details are European.
3. I do not have a company yet.
4. The adress of my business, where it would be executed and we would have an office is in Wyoming, USA. / not P.O. box/. This is the address that is filled out in the Business information in Google, as well as in Shopify. This is not the adress however for the Stripe account. Wonder if this might be related to my problems?
5. I have created a new Google account for the business, different from my personal Google account.
Thank you again for the advices in advance!
Best Regards!
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It looks like you have already followed my guide here:

For example, don't use @Gmal on your website. instead use


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