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Hi.  I don't know of a better place to leave feedback, so here it is...

It would be really nice if we had better pagination for our product admin page.  Clicking endless amounts of arrows to move back and forth is time consuming.  It would be nice to, as an example, click '5' and jump to that page.

We can drop and drag the order of photos.  Why can't we do that with sizes?

It's important for SEO to name our image files with helpful info. However, with downloads from, for example Spocket, the file names can't be changed from the product page. & the image files don't appear in settings>files.  Only the alt text can be changed from the product page.  Can we get a fix for that?  In the meantime, what's the work around?

Thanks!  🙂

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Hi @Bonny_Belanger 

Kim here from Spocket. Thanks for sharing your experience with us! This is something I can bring up to our developers who can take a look and see if we're able to support such a feature in the future.

In the meantime, it seems like the approach here would be to do bulk-product import, rename all the files, put them in a URL accessible folder, then use CSV import to switch all the images.

I would also recommend also sending a feature request to for having some sort of image rename column as part of the bulk export/import.

Kim from Spocket

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi @Bonny_Belanger,

Hyde here from Shopify.

There are a few suggestions there, so I'll tackle each one individually:

1. When you refer to pagination, are you talking about the products page in the admin? If so I'll be sure to pass that feedback on to our developers, but in the meantime have you familiarised yourself with the filtering tools currently available?

2. "We can drop and drag the order of photos. Why can't we do that with sizes?" - I'm not entirely sure I understand this point, could you elaborate on it a bit more for me, please?

3. You're absolutely right that SEO is quite important, not least of all when it comes to images. The ALT text usually helps considerably with that. If you're looking to edit the meta-information for pictures that you have downloaded from a third-party app like Spocket, I'd have to recommend that you reach out to Spocket directly. It looks like they have a helpful guide on how to edit the image alt text from within the Spocket app too right here.

I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best, Hyde.

Andrew | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi, Kim.

Thanks so much for the message.

I don’t understand what you mean by this: "do bulk-product import, rename all the files, put them in a URL accessible folder, then use CSV import to switch all the images.” Is there a step by step tutorial?

Kind Regards,
Bonny Belanger.

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Hi, @Andrew.

I just realized I accidentally created two profiles in the Shopify community.  bonny_belanger and the one I'm currently replying from, prettifemi.  Is it possible to merge them?  Yikes!

1. Yes, I mean the admin all products page.  There are no clickable page numbers at the bottom.  Only arrows.  I am aware of the filter tools and they are helpful.
2. When on an individual product page, editing, you can change the order photos appear on your site by drag and drop method.  However, you can’t drag and drop sizes.  You have to click on the button to reorder variants.  It would be nice if we could drag and drop size variants too.  For example, re-order M L S XL —> S M L XL by drag and drop.
3. Here is the feedback I got from Spocket ( @TeamSpocket 😞 "For you to edit the file name, you need to delete the image, save it manually from Spocket product page and re-upload with your preferred name in Shopify.” Big hassle!!!  File names are important for SEO, and this makes my job time consuming and tedious.  😕  I would have to go in and save, delete, rename and re-load all those images for a couple hundred products.  Yikes!!!  Can Shopify and Spocket/Modalyst, etc. work together for a better fix?
Bonny B., PrettyFemi...
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Hi, Kim @TeamSpocket.

Yes, I contacted Shopify support.  They indicated it was more an issue for Spocket to resolve since images are uploaded from your app with the file names.  I hope some dialogue will happen between the two teams on this issue.  As I mentioned previously, seo friendly image file names are important for bots.  🙂