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Hi guys!

so I have had this store for a few weeks now and it has. a lot of engagement but 0 sales even after i had run multiple ads in USA and Canada , I got 397 visitors but no one ordered a single stuff among all. and I spent around 100USD on Facebook ads Till now its 0$ SALES do you guys know any improvement tips?

All viewers who are reading this question, your sigle answer can help me a lot! please visit my store and give me suggestions to get 0$ sales to some orders.


Thankyou so much all of you, I appreciate your efforts.

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Great website setup!



I personally would make the photos cleaner and have them all have a theme! THis is very impotant. I would personally not trust a website like this. The photos look copy and pasted into the store. Some photos work, while others are low quality. It doesn't scream ''quality'' mart. Alot of parts are great, but segments like ''CAMPING BBQ GRILL'' have bad quality photos. A clear theme is important when it comes to the photos aswell. 


Your product desripitons are impotant aswell! 

This product description does not mention alot of its function, whit only one photo to go off. Perhaps add more photos and a clearer desription of the item! 

This product has alot more energy, and i am more likely to buy it! 


If you want some 'theme' reference, you can check out my own store: 



I recommend setting up a facebook site where you can make a small community around hiking and outdorrs stuff. Make it gains traction through ads on this page. Something amongst: This new pool contraption is the next thing this summer! etc.. 


I'm quite new to shopify aswell, but these are some basic steps in the right direction. I'm sure alot of others can give you more assitance 🙂

Keep working ❤️ Never give up!

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Hope you are doing good. Your store looks nice and here are few suggestions.

Add nice Logo which gives Identity and Separates from the competition.

Add ATC(add to cart) buttons on the products.

You can promote your products with word of mouth strategy. Boost your sales with the app from the shopify app store  which helps to increase your sales further. Improve your conversions by directly reaching those who close to your customers.

Add Blog page,  blog posting will allow you to show your followers a personal side of your business. In this way you can engage with Existing and New customers.

There is no terms and conditions checkbox at checkout. I suggest you to install an app from shopify app store which provides 'I agree to the Terms and Conditions' before checkout .As it makes easy for the customer to read your terms and policies.

Add Contact us form, in the contact page.

Promote your products on social media and add those social media links at footer section.

You can also sell your products on Etsy marketplace as it is very good platform to sell unique, handmade and Vintage goods . If you are already selling on Etsy store consider our Etsy Integration app in the shopify app store. Etsy is a Huge marketplace if you sell any of unique, handmade or Vintage goods, you can give further exposure to your products.

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Hey there, @DARSHANPATEL!  

That can be very frustrating. You put all of this hard work into your store and then hit a wall when no one buys.

From experience, visitor experience is going to be your secret weapon here. Asking us is great, but you need to know what’s going on with your visitors. Are you attracting the right traffic? Are you sending them to the right page? What information do they see, and what information do they need? 

You do that with things like heatmaps (to see where people click and scroll) and session recordings (to watch what happened during someone’s visit). That combined with things like polls can be incredibly helpful in getting to the bottom of the issue.

First, let’s talk about what you’re looking for:

  • You’re looking at the source to filter both heatmaps and session recordings. Isolate that traffic and evaluate what’s happening. Considering you’ve run ads on Facebook, a natural place to start is Facebook.
  • Session recordings in particular will be helpful. Watch for the length of the visits and how engaged they are. For those who are most engaged and from Facebook, look closely at the session recording. What happened?

Now, to dive into your store, let’s start with the easy fixes:

  • Create and use a logo rather than the text. It’s going to add legitimacy to your site.
  • Add value to your newsletter rather than the default text
  • Keep your audience in mind. You’re targeting people in the US and Canada, so the dollar sign will come before the price. Instead of 50$, it should be $50. Since there is a currency difference, be sure to say if that matters.
  • Lose the “Featured Collection.” Your visitors aren’t going to come for your featured collection, but they will come to see other collections.
  • Keep your image dimensions identical. Right now, they are all over the place. 
  • Add your social media links

Diving in further…

Move the announcement bar up

There’s no way around it. This theme isn’t doing it. The announcement bar should be at the top of the page and linked. You want it to show across all of your pages. 

Optimize your main navigation

I think you generally need to find a new theme. Venture isn’t working for you, and a theme change will help give you more opportunities for your main navigation. Because you have three collections, a better main navigation would: Home | Shop All | Beach Accessories | Camping Accessories | Pool Accessories instead. Contact Us may be able to be moved to the footer, but let heatmaps show you more. 

Work on your hero image

In particular, limit it to one hero image rather than multiple. A new theme would also let you make the CTA pop. Right now it blends in.

Evaluate your homepage

Use a heatmap to see how far people are scrolling. If they aren’t scrolling, are they clicking on elements at the top of the page? Or are they not getting enough information at the top of the page to encourage them to keep scrolling? For example, should you expand the products on the featured collection? Or should you reformat your homepage?

Watch your policy pages

  • Refund policy: Great job linking your email addresses. However, this may be a red flag. A 10-day return policy is very, very short. For some of your visitors, it may be enough to convince them to leave without buying.
  • Shipping & Delivery: There are some formatting issues. Also, you’re missing an important figure here - estimated shipping. Your visitors don’t want to find out your shipping costs in checkout. Be upfront with them. For example, you have a deal that there’s free shipping after $50. How much is shipping regularly? 
  • Contact Us: This is more of an About Us page than a Contact Us page. Move this information into an About Us page in the footer instead. Also, don’t try to write what you think your visitors want to read. Be honest. “...we decided to venture into the world vintage items…” doesn’t relate because you don’t sell vintage items. This is a time to bring out your passion for swimming or that great memory you had from a beach trip that you want other people to share. Get creative. 
  • The real Contact Us page: Make sure it has your linked email address with a nice message about your commitment and turn around time. Also, add in a simple form that includes name, email address and message. Leave out a phone number field. 

Add filters to your collection pages

You absolutely need a way to organize these better and have a way to filter through them. I’m talking filters for things like color, material, use, style, etc. No one is going to scroll for two pages to find a product. They’re simply going to leave instead.

Make the most out of your product pages

  • Again, update your specifications. Your target audience (or at least some of them in the US) aren’t going to know kilograms or centimeters. Also, there’s a formatting issue.
  • Get away from the drop-shipping description. Add a clever description that ENTICES someone. It’ll take some effort, but the effort will pay off.
  • Use a scroll heatmap to see how far people scroll. My assumption is that you have too much content lower on the page, such as the images. Most people are going to look to your gallery for images rather than in the description. 

You’re on the right track here. When you add in visitor behavior, you have new insights to lead your next updates that result in more conversions. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month.

I hope this helps! Good luck!

Cheers - Danny

I’m the co-founder of Lucky Orange, one of the top recommended Shopify apps to grow sales. More than 26,000+ merchants use our app and have left us more than 600 5-star reviews.

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Hey @DARSHANPATEL, I hope you are doing well! This is AiTrillion- an All-in-one Marketing Platform on Shopify. Here is the feedback which you can work on:

Homepage recommended layout - The home page should flow better. I would recommend setting it out like this, top announcement bar, Slideshow banners, Collection List, Product Recommendations, product reviews, Newsletter sign-up box, Blog Posts, Instagram Feed & footer.

- Add social media links here as shown in the below screenshot.


- On the product page, add a slider for these images instead of making customers scroll down. 


- Add these tools which will help you to drive conversions by engaging the customers coming to your store:

  • Setup web push notifications in your store and it will help you in reaching your customers and visitors directly.
  • Setup a reward program for giving points and let customers redeem on their next purchase.
  • Make sure to use email marketing automation to reach your customers. Use triggers and workflows to automatically send messages to consumers after they take a specific action.
  • Enable automatic workflow emails/push for abandoned cart, win back old customers, welcome email, purchase follow-up, or browse abandoned customers.
  • Add exit-intent popup. Track when someone is about to leave your website and show the visitor an exit-intent popup with attractive offers and coupon code to complete the purchase.

If you would like to implement the above features/ customer engagement or marketing tools in your store, you can install the all-in-one Shopify app AiTrillion. Bring all your marketing efforts to one place and don't bear the hassle of managing multiple apps in your Shopify store.

P.S- If you need help with setting up the features, I will be happy to help.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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I hope you are doing well! Have you implemented the suggestions and found the solution? 

Did you get a chance to try the all-in-one marketing app AiTrillion? If you need help with setting up the features, I will be happy to help or you can email our support at

P.S- Free plan available, install AiTrillion for free here.

Looking forward to your reply!


Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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- 10+ Years of eCommerce experience.
- 1400+ Stores Designed on Shopify.
- All in One Marketing App on Shopify AiTrillion Marketing Automation
- 13+ Shopify Apps launched on app store.