Feedback here 🙋‍♂️Part 2

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Hi All 😸
Hope u are having a great day

So I asked about feedback to my new store and folks here were really helpful (u can find my first feedback here)

I made sure I followed everyone's notes as much as I can so that my store is ready for launch

I wanted some feedback about the look and feel of the store's page, if the product description is better and what do u think so far, is it ready for launch or is there something yet to be done before that

I made sure i followed every checklist shopify blogs had but am still worried I need to do something else

Note: I made sure I optimized 5 of my main products that I'll be marketing this month (U will find them in the straight out of the oven collection)

One question: Do u prefer that I market those 5 products simultaneously or do I chain them up (one after the other)


Thank u so much 😻

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