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Hi, so far I have ran some ads and have a total of 566 visits, 2 add to carts, 3 email subscriptions, and no sales. I need some good detailed feedback please. Thanks 🙂


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Hi @Nellajstyleloft

I'm Richard. Personally, I very much love your store design and the products look good.  But, here I want to add more details to help you make the store perfect. Please check out my comments below:

1. Should place homepage banner here

Basically this part is the very first touchpoint of your website with your target customers. However, it's not good enough. First-time users generally make a snap decision about the site and brand and tend to stick to that initial impression throughout the entire shopping session — with a negative impression translating to decreased patience with site hiccups and more abandonments.



2. Should use Load more instead of Pagination in Collection Page: 



“Pagination” is by far the most popular way of loading new items in the product list — 88% of our benchmarked sites use this loading schema. However, testing has shown that subjects had significant difficulty with the “Pagination” loading schema on both desktop and mobile. 

Basically, there are types of 3 loading schemas used in product lists:

- “Pagination” — where all products in the list are split into separate pages, which are accessed by clicking or tapping links at the end of the list




- “Endless scrolling” — where more products are added to the end of the list when users scroll past a certain point in the list. (This technique usually incorporates “lazy loading”, which defers loading of images outside of the viewport at page load time. Instead, these images are loaded at the moment of need.)

- “Load More” button — where users can click or tap a button to load more products at the end of the list




“Load More” proved to be the loading schema that worked best across desktop and mobile devices, for both category-based product lists and search results. Moreover, when products are separated into separate pages, users can’t compare products in different parts of the list without navigating between pages.

Furthermore, especially on mobile sites, pagination links can be difficult to tap accurately, because they often have small hit areas and are closely spaced

3. Make the Heading and CTA button bigger to urge your users make further action: 



4. Align the text be centered with the images above on both homepage and collection page 

RichardNguyen_5-1629211392695.png5. Provide live chat support on your website

Driving traffic to your website is hard. Making them stay is even harder. Your products may excel, your web design may stand out. But chances are, people are opting out of your site just because your instant support is nowhere to be found. Like any brick-and-mortar store, an online shop can barely function well without a virtual real-time salesman. It’s not the kind of man behind the e-mailbox, who takes hours to respond. Nor the man over the phone, who can only be reached after wading through those infuriating automated phone trees. It must be a live chat agent, who tends to customers’ needs in a jiffy.

Live chat support, therefore, is more favored than other communication channels as phone or email. Customers get prompt answers and stay happy, while store owners gain more leads, close more sales and build more trust with their prospects



Also, you said that your store has low sales, right? As I can not add more in this post so you can learn more about it in this article, which might provide tips for making your users from the attraction stage lower to the sales funnel Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Best Practices, Tips and Case Studies. It's actually the ultimate guide which collects all rules of thumb I think you should know

This is all I have to say, if you feel this comment is helpful for you to draw a good insight please give me a like and mark it as a solution ^^! 

Happy selling ^^ 



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Hello @Nellajstyleloft 

Hope you are doing well! Your shop looks very neat and organized. Good job is done there. The theme matches your products very well.

Here are some areas where you could consider working on

  • A good idea is to have your newsletter as a popup so that it shows up when the customer enters the home page. This will make it more visible and attract more people to your newsletter from where you can target more interested people.

  • Add a sticky header. The headings are important to navigate the site. If the headers keep disappearing, it makes it hard to find what the customer is looking for. That is why if you make your headers sticky, the user can see them even if they have scrolled down, which makes the site more user friendly.

    You can also consider making your headings a bit bigger or bolder, so that they catch the eye more easily.

  • It is a good idea to place a banner on the homepage that tells your customers exactly what they are looking for. You may add a separate banner for each of your product types

    Add a Shop Now button to your banner, which will take you directly to the relevant product page.

    It is a good idea to have multiple slides on your banner (each should stay for around 5seconds) for each product type and have the CTA buttons for each slide redirect the customer to a different product page.

  • Use a star rating widget to let website visitors evaluate your business. They create standardization, allowing customers to compare different products easily. It also helps you get feedback about your products.

  • Customers read user reviews more than they read product descriptions. If they find that 50 other people have liked your product and have purchased from you, it helps your credibility and they feel safer buying from you. So try to add some reviews of your products and services to your homepage.

  • You will be surprised how much you can benefit from a chatbot. It can collect your necessary customer data, help you analyze which stuffs are trending or in more demand, and overall solve your problems by answering common questions so you won't have to.

Hope this helps you. If you find it useful, leave a like to let me know! Happy Selling! Thank you and the Very Best of Luck to you! 

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