Feedback of my toys store 😍

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Are you looking for feedback on a specific area or feature? Yes, the layout of the products and the feel that the website is sending. And if i’m missing out something please guide me.

  • What have you changed recently? The homepage collection
  • What are you hoping to change? I do alot ads and i get alot traffic but the sales is not happening 
  • Website url:
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Hi @Deema90

Have seen your store and have some suggestions for you: 

- Don't have two languages on one site. You can try to create a section that allows customers to change the language. 


- All your banners need to be moved to the top, and one section for showing all of them. 

- Add the featured products section on your homepage. 

- I see your Instagram and it has some real-life product photos. You can try to create an Instagram gallery to show them. 

Check it out if you want to make one: Shoppable Instagram Gallery.

- I see my currency here but see SR currency in the product pages. It's weird. 


- I see are your products quite expensive? Maybe it is the reason why people don't buy it. 

Hope it helps!

Happy selling, 


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Hi @Deema90 

Just had a look at your store. I think you have done a good job. The store looks colorful and relevant to your target audience. Your store requires interactivity with the audience. Your primary audience is kids, and the secondary audience is parents who will buy toys for their kids. First of all, you need some minor tweaks to make it Clear and value-added. First of all, keep the languages separate. The visitor should have a choice whether he wants to view the site in English or Arabic. This distinction will give a professional touch to your store.


Although the graphic is good, the caption font and mixing with the graphic makes it less readable. I would recommend work on the contrast and font of the caption. The caption should be very clear and communicate the core value to the audience.

If possible, make a short marketing video showcasing all your toys and happy kids to create an emotional appeal with the parents and kids.


While the Sold Out text is a good strategy, I would suggest you can enhance it by showing real-time sales notifications to your store's new visitors. This will establish social proof for your products. You can do this by installing Sales pop up from CareCart. This practice will increase your sales.

Moreover, you must add a live chat feature to the store to directly interact with your audience. Add spin a sale gaming widget to attract your visitors for discount codes. This incentive-based marketing tactic will help in boosting your sales. This will add interactivity to your store.

Your products hold great value for social platforms. Keep sharing exciting content on Facebook and Instagram to generate community and drive engagement.


Improve the navigation section. Add proper buttons like Home, About us, Toys, Blogs, Funzone (Open-Ended Play)

Lastly, I would say pay more focus on the in-store marketing tactics like a collection of emails, Facebook messenger marketing, and real-time discount codes to make your store interactive. Would love to see your store as you improve it further. Good Luck


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