Feedback of UX sites de notebooks e de sapatos

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I create 2 stores, please ask feedback of ux of site of eletronics/ services and site of shoes premium.


1 - Loja de notebook usado, Recuperação de dados hd, Automação Residencial, e Manutenção de notebooks:


2 - Sapato Casual Masculino, sapatênis, Tenis sneaker, mocassim masculino:



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Hi @thiago3 , 

Here you are some really quick tips in oder to improve UX of your Shopify stores 

  • Ensure clean and intuitive web site design
  • Optimize site speed for faster loading
  • Provice detailed product descriptions
  • Simplify the checkout procss
  • User high quality product images
  • Make contact information easily accessible

Remember to gather feedback from users , this to continuously improve your store's UX


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