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Feedback on Ergonomics store

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Hi everyone,

I would appreciate feedback on my ergonomics-focused store:

We launched a few months ago and have scaled pretty well. However, we've reached a plateau for ~3 weeks now.

Any feedback on what could be missing and/or what could help us get to the next level (e.g. design, ads, other?) and why would be really helpful!

Thank you.


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HI @ergobuddy ,


I like your site. I don't see anything inherently wrong with it at first glance - it appears to do what it does in a matter-a-fact way.

Given that you have had growth you must have a customer base with a need.

I wonder if working on your marketing channels would provide the answer?

You are probably very experienced in this so sorry if I'm speaking out of turn here, but things like targeting corporate clients, reoccurring orders based on amazing customer service, upsells to existing customers, social media channels.

Of course CONTENT IS KING. You don't appear to have a blog or other content channel (youtube, etc), and for my own business I have found these to be paramount for boosting rankings and being the expert in my field. Message me if you'd like to kick around ideas as I'd be really happy to give you some ideas.



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Thanks GMKnight! I really appreciate your feedback. 

I think you’re right. I’ve been solely using Facebook Ads to date and feel like my product is not necessarily going to scale much more using that channel.... I might be wrong.  

Happy to kick ideas around anytime!

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Hi @ergobuddy ,


Drop me a message/email as I'm happy to share my own experiences.

To be honest I've never had any luck with Facebook Ads other than paying for strangers to like a post.

But I have had a huge amount of luck growing a community of customers with whom I can relate to - get them to like my Facebook pages and then engage them that way (also Instagram has been a good channel, but it's going to depend on the business).


I was thinking about your store earlier.


I don't know anything about ergonomic.... well... anything. I might want to purchase a product but have no clue. As a customer, if I could find amazing resources that educated me then I am very likely to convert and ultimately become a fan. Oh I would certainly tell my friends too! I'd like your Facebook page and the constant flow of useful information that you give me that would educate me (and make me a return customer).

If you had content on a blog, perhaps videos, then ultimately that would generate traffic for you organically (google ads might help, but there is a crossover between paid and organic traffic where you can reduce the paid ads and go solely on organic traffic imho).

A lot of people will tell you that SEO is where it's at, but I know plenty of people with terrible websites who make a lot of money simply because of their amazing customer service and education - not because their website ranks highly.


... just rambling.



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Hi @ergobuddy !

Welcome to Shopify and congrats on your store!

1. When it comes to single-item stores it might be challenging driving traffic and have sales because the market for that product might not be too big. That is why I advise working in partnership with other companies that sell complementary products or services. 

2. Social media has become a huge thing nowadays. I highly recommend taking advantage of that and adding Instagram galleries on your homepage. It will help drive traffic from your site on to your account and vice versa. 

3. Implement an opportunity to log in and sign up using Social Media account. We all have accounts at least in one social media. And if I have an opportunity to create an account just with one click, I will do it. having an easier way to Sign in will help you gather customer base. The most valuable thing for a company is the customer.

4. The items in your store are something that every person will need in their lives. Therefore, I recommend using a Referral program by Growave to give your customers an opportunity of sharing your products with friends and getting rewarded for that. 

5. There are no trust badges at your checkout page, try adding them as trust badges help your customers know that your site is safe to shop.

6. Add a blog page, blog page helps you to share more about your website and products which increases your site visibility.Your e-commerce blog will not only drive more traffic to your website—but it will increase your conversions too. Your blog will make you feel more credible and relatable, which will provide new clients with a greater sense of confidence in their purchases.

For adding the functions above you can several apps. However, if you want to get all of them at once just with a couple of clicks, try  Growave.

We have 6 great features -Reviews, Wishlist, Rewards, Social Login, Instagram, Discounts, etc. 

There is a free plan available.

 Hopefully, I managed to help you. If so, please let me know by liking this post. 

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