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Feedback on my lingerie store please!

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Feedback on my store would be wonderful! I have traffic but no sales! 

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Hello @SugarCookie 


Seems like you link is broken. Could you check this? I'd be sure to share my feedback. 🙂



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 Hi @SugarCookie


Congratulations on your store. 


I can understand, it must be frustrating. 


I had a look at your website. There are a few gaps in your website experience. It is the only experience users have with your company, and you have to make it professional enough to earn their trust. Here are my observations:


  1. There are a few inconsistencies in your product images. They have different backgrounds. Making them all consistent will make your store look more professional. You should add as much detail as possible for the products. A bad product listing is the #1 users don’t convert.
  2. Add a separate, “About Us” page. When a new user lands on your website, they will be looking for signs of trustworthiness. A good, personal about us page makes your brand stand out and connect with users.  You’ve given a nice explanation about your company ideal in the paragraph at the bottom. I would say add a human factor to it by talking about the people as well - the team and why you started.
  3. Your catalog is HUGE! You need to guide users to the right products. Here’s what I mean: When visitors come browsing in your store, they usually look for clues for which product they should buy. Think about when you shop online on amazon. How do you select a specific product?
    You look for the “bestseller” or “lightning deal” labels on the products. You can use these kinds of product labels on your products to guide users towards specific products. They make specific products stand out and help in decision making.  Your "Sale" and "Sold Out" labels/stickers look exactly the same. There are apps that can help you find better stickers and more choices not just for sale or sold out but also stuff like "Bestseller", "Trending Now" etc.
    Adding product labels/stickers like Sale, Fast Selling, Low on Stock can help increase your sales by tapping into powerful psychological triggers such as scarcity, social proof, and urgency.
  4. Continuing my observation of creating a consistent experience to gain users’ trust - you have different fonts across your website. Fold 1 has a different font, so does fold 2, and then your review fold. You have one more font for the “quotes” in each product category and another for heading. I’d suggest picking a couple of fonts and sticking with them.
  5. Add some information about shipping. Shipping pages are some of the most read pages on a website. How much time, shipping charges, etc. all of these details should be provided to the users. It is one of the major reasons people drop out.
  6. The link to your Instagram on the home page is broken. Update it!

I hope this advice helps out. Hoping for more sales in your store!



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Hi @SugarCookie ,


I just reviewed your website. I have noticed a few things that you might consider taking to make your store better. 


Featured Images: The featured image captures the first attention of the user. Create good quality featured banner images with interesting taglines to captivate user attention. 


Web-Fonts: Ensure text is user-visible while web fonts are loading. Adding different font can completely change the balance and tone of your design. Choose a font that is easier to read even from further away.


Homepage: Homepage could be better and more organized.  Homepage content should be strategically decided. Two consecutive banner isn’t looking good. You can add sections such as ‘New arrivals’, ‘trust indicator, ‘Top selling products or best selling products’, ‘offers & discount banners’ to engage new customers.


Social Login: Implement social login. It is a single sign-on for end users. By using this user can sign in on website instead of creating a new account. This simplifies registrations and logins for end users.


Scroll Back to Top Button: You can create a scroll top button to take a user at the top of the website to improve your website’s overall user experience.


Speed Optimization - To increase visitors you need to work on your website speed as I am seeing it is very low i.e 13%. It should be above 65-70%. Also, you need to optimize website images. It will improve the user experience. Fast page load time will also boost the website’s crawl rate. 



Ads: If you want to increase sales I would recommend to start off Facebook or Google Shopping ads. It becomes easier to get conversion faster and grow your business with the help of Ads.


Send abandoned cart emails: If you have lots of traffic and little sales due to abandoned carts so you can get lost revenue using abandonment email campaigns. There are many Automated tools for abandoned carts. They can help you increase sales and re-engage visitors to your site who have left. You can also send promotional emails to your subscriber's list.


I hope you like my feedback!!! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!!

Thank You!

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sort the available garments so at least they all appear on page-1 of a multipage list not on page-2

some sku are ecommerce some are catalog, you should consider having both styles for each garment



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