Feedback on my new engineering apparel store

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Hi folks,


I've just launched my store with a small range of products - I'd love to develop this further but I figured it would be good to get some feedback on the bare bones before putting in more time.


The site is here:

It's meant to appeal to a software engineer/ techy sort of demographic with some minimalist, often irreverent designs. There are a couple of niche jokes/ phrases so I'd be happy to explain.


I've put together a form here with 10 questions I'd love to get feedback on. But if anything else springs to mind, please feel free to comment. And a big thanks to those who can spare the time!

I'd also love any advice of great marketing or outreach platforms - I have a very limited budget so if anyone has advice on the best place to validate an idea it would be very much appreciated!

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Hey, @getadresscode


Considering you are on a shoestring budget,


Here are a few tips (tried and tested) to enhance your store shopping experience and ensure higher customer satisfaction.


  • Adding a carousel means shoppers will interact with multiple high-quality images that will grab customer attention with the aesthetically appealing first impression


  • Firstly, make sure your website is entirely responsive and offers a seamless experience on various screen sizes by optimizing it for mobile devices.


  • Customer Reviews Should Be Added: To inspire potential buyers to make a purchase, show customer reviews and ratings for each product. To establish credibility and trust, I'll advise you to display consumer feedback and ratings for each piece of clothing.


  • Offer Live Chat Support: Set up a live chat function to assist clients in real-time and swiftly respond to their questions.


  • Integrate Social Proof: Include social media widgets or customer reviews to highlight encouraging comments and experiences from happy customers.


  • Add More Product Images: It helps sellers to better decide if a product is as per expectations or not, as it enables accurate visualization of product features and appearance.

Adding lifestyle and contextual images justify how the product would be useful in real-life situations.


Hope It helps!


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All the best,

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